Hormones and Dental Health – What every woman needs to know

hormones and dental health

Hormones and Dental Health – What every woman needs to know

Introduction: Did you ever imagine that your hormones can trigger gum disease? Yes, female hormones can have an impact on your overall health and even your gums. The increase in female hormones like estrogen and progesterone can directly increase the blood flow to your gums thus making them more sensitive and highly reactive to irritants. The women folk tend to become more sensitive to plaque especially when their hormonal levels are high. This condition further causes the gums to swell and bleed and in left untreated they can cause bone loss and eventually tooth loss. Health and dental means taking care of your body and teeth by getting medical check-ups and treatments for illnesses, as well as visiting the dentist for things like cleanings and fixing teeth problems.

The five stages of a woman’s life: As a matter of fact the hormones cannot be controlled. Having said that this gum disease can be reversed and totally avoided. Hormones and balance refer to the special chemicals in our bodies that control important things like growth, mood, and energy. Keeping these chemicals in the right balance helps our body work well and keeps us feeling good. Dental health care means taking good care of our teeth and gums by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly. It helps keep our smiles bright and our mouths healthy. Below we have illustrated how a woman needs to address issues plaguing her oral health during the five phases of her life – Puberty, menstruation, oral contraceptives, pregnancy, and menopause.

Puberty: This is the age when a girl’s hormones cause widespread damage to her general and dental health. And the increase in hormonal levels directly affects the gums making them red, swollen, and make them bleed, and in some cases, they even cause canker sores. And this is the age when prevention is the only best remedy. So one has to brush twice daily, floss once a day and pay regular visits to their dentist. Taking care of your teeth is important because it helps you eat comfortably, speak clearly, and have a nice smile. Good dental health also prevents toothaches and keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Menstruation: It is common for women to experience changes in their mouth like swollen salivary glands, sore and red gums, and even canker sores during and the days leading up to menstruation. And they usually stop after the period stops. And just in case they don’t, then it is advisable to take the assistance of a dentist immediately as there might be other reasons waiting to unfold.

Oral contraceptives: The inflammation affects those women who take oral contraceptives. However, in the recent past the levels of the female hormone is reduced and this has further lessened the issue for most women. It is imperative that you keep your dentist posted about your daily prescription even though you are not affected by those nagging problems anymore. There are two reasons attributed to this. The main reason is that your dentist may write a prescription and make some minor changes in the dosage that can influence your birth control effectiveness. And the other reason is that in case you are using oral contraceptives the risk of developing dry socket doubles if you are having a tooth extracted.

Pregnancy: If you have given birth then definitely your hormone levels skyrocket. This leads to a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. This condition usually occurs in the second and eighth months of pregnancy. However, this can be avoided by practicing regular oral hygiene. And never hesitate to visit your dentist if you notice some abnormality even when you are pregnant as it is considered totally safe.

Menopause: Even during menopause the hormones affect a woman’s taste buds, causing burning sensation and sensitivity in her mouth. Compared to bone loss and dry mouth, these problems are insignificant and negligible. The saliva serves to clean your teeth and removes the cavity-causing bacteria from your teeth. And if you are suffering from a condition called dry mouth, then your saliva secretion decreases and might cause your teeth to be more prone to cavities. And if you are having dry mouth you can try certain home remedies like tasting ice chips and by drinking plenty of water and some caffeine-free drinks.

Things to stay away from: Stay away from salty, spicy, sticky, and sugary foods when you have a dry mouth. Things like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine will aggravate the problem so avoid them. And due to the decrease of estrogen, you stand the risk of losing your bone. And in particular, if you are experiencing receding gums then see your dentist immediately. Ask your dentist about your health like calcium and vitamin D, and resist the urge and temptation of consuming alcohol and smoking. Hormones and gum health are related. Hormones make gums all the more sensitive and prone to problems like bleeding during brushing. Keeping hormones in balance and practicing good oral care helps keep gums healthy and strong.

Conclusion: There is a thin line between hormones and dental health and they are linked to each other. The fact that there is a direct relationship between hormonal imbalances and oral health cannot be overstated and is something that every woman needs to be aware of. Throughout the five stages, we discussed above it can be derived that hormonal fluctuations can significantly impact the overall well-being of a woman. The importance of regular health checkups and dental hygiene cannot be ignored and could lead to fatal issues if left untreated.

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