Top things to avoid to prevent discoloration of teeth

prevent discoloration of teeth

Top things to avoid to prevent discoloration of teeth

Introduction: All of us crave a beautiful smile but it takes more than mere brushing twice a day. Certain known causes are aging, medications, fluoride in water, or even trauma to the teeth. Then there are other causes like eating certain foods and drinking some liquids that are known to cause discoloration of teeth. Here are some potential causes for sudden discoloration of teeth: Dental Trauma, Tooth Decay, Dental Restorations, Medications, Dental Infection, and Extrinsic Staining. Below we have gathered some culprits that are known to give you that off-white smile.

1) Coffee, tea, and red wine: These beverages are instrumental in giving you stained teeth. These are common drinks in many households and so one must remember to rinse their mouth after consuming them. And both red wine and white wine causes tooth discoloration and make them more susceptible to staining. Here are some important types of discoloration of teeth. Extrinsic Stains, Intrinsic Stains, Age-Related Discoloration, Tooth Decay-Related Stains, and Pulp-related Discoloration.

2) Smoking: Smoking and consuming tobacco in any form stains your teeth. So consult your dentist to quit smoking and that also improves your overall health. Here are the common reasons for teeth discoloration. Food and Drinks, Tobacco Use, Poor Oral Hygiene, Aging, Medications, Dental Trauma, Excessive Fluoride, and Genetic Factors.

3) Foods with dark sauces: There are some sauces that are concentrated and dark that leave tough stains on your teeth. They are tomato sauces, soy sauce, and some dark-hued condiments. Antibiotics that cause discoloration of teeth are tetracycline and its derivatives, such as doxycycline and minocycline.

4) Dark-colored fruits and vegetables: While fruits and vegetables are good for your overall well being dark-colored fruits and vegetables cause teeth stains.

5) Sugary drinks: Soda, sports drinks, and certain sugary beverages are instrumental in causing tooth decay and staining.

6) Irregular brushing and flossing habits: Irregular brushing and flossing cause the spread of bacteria and is also effective in emanating bad breath. The plaque forms and sticks to the enamel and further forms tartar. So remember to brush twice daily for keeping your oral health in good condition and to avoid discoloration of teeth. You do not need to avoid the above food items; you can consume them and brush your teeth, to prevent teeth staining. And do visit the dentist once every six months or much earlier to assess and monitor your dental health.

Then there are certain foods that retain the white color of your teeth. They are apples, pears, raw vegetables, nuts, and cheese. The saliva secreted while chewing them and the juice in them counters teeth staining.

Conclusion: Above we have seen the foods and beverages etc that cause teeth staining. You do not need to avoid them completely so what you can do is brush and floss your teeth to restore your original white color after you consume them. Strictly stay away from smoking and chewing tobacco as they not only discolor your teeth they are known to cause other health ailments like cancer. Also, remember to brush twice daily for the best results. Discoloration of teeth refers to any change in the color or appearance of the teeth, resulting in a less desirable or altered tooth shade. Discoloration can affect the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) or the inner portion (dentin) and can manifest in various ways.

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