5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


6 August 2020

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

The human body consists of various organs, and mouth is one of the vital organs as it consists of teeth, which is one of the essential sources that help us smile, talk and chew the food that keeps the human body healthy.
Therefore a human being should adopt good habits and discipline in his/her routine to keep their teeth healthy for oral and overall health.
We know that “Good health is an implication of the practice of good habits”!!!
“The practice is not the thing that you do once you are good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good” – this explains that the practice of good habits should be traditionally followed from childhood to lay a strong foundation of health to live along adulthood.
Oral and overall health depends on a few factors, and hygiene comes in the top list of these factors.
It is a general tendency of human beings to adopt bad habits easily, as they do not require any extra efforts but indeed are harmful to health.
The practice of good habits requires strict discipline and efforts to stay fit, healthy, and happy.
In today’s modern lifestyle, there is a lot of awareness of  both oral and overall health. People around the globe are adopting good habits and practicing hygiene to lead a healthy and happy life.
Though people are careful about their health, a few habits in their routine unknowingly cause harm to the teeth.
These habits are unavoidable as they are a part of your routine.
Here are the top 5 habits that harm your teeth and disturb your living:

  1. Dental care:

Proper dental care starts with brushing and flossing. The health of your enamel and gums depends on your brushing technique. Do not brush your teeth too hard, take the time of 2 mins for two times daily and floss regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, cavities, and other infections.
Your toothbrush should have soft bristles, brush softly, but do not overdo, or it will damage the enamel and gums of your teeth, which act as protective layers and are essential for the health of the teeth.
Oral care results in healthy teeth and a beautiful smile!!

  1. Diet:

Dentists say 50% of your oral and overall health depends on your diet.
Eating sugary products is not healthy for your teeth. They develop cavities in the teeth if consumed in excess quantity, and damage your teeth.
To protect your teeth, avoid taking sugary liquids like sodas, juices, sports drinks, milk, coffee, tea, etc. with sugar.
Consume sugar free foods and liquids.
Add minerals, vitamins like c, k, and other essential proteins to your diet to keep your teeth healthy and alive for a lifetime.

  1. Teeth care:

People out of fancy and temptation tend to open the bottle cap or the soft drinks bottle’s cap with their teeth.
A few people have the habit of crunching hard substances like ice with their teeth, which is harmful and damage your teeth.
Dentist suggests not to use your teeth as a tool, it might chip, crack, or break your teeth, which might create possibilities of tooth pain and create the necessity for a trip to the dentist for treatment.
Avoid using your teeth to anything related to sucking, sipping, or crunching that causes discomfort or damage to your oral health.

  1. Bad habits:

Bad habits are the distractions that attract and then become addictions to people.
Habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking alcohol are harmful to the teeth. They build up tartar, plaque, change the colour of your teeth, and welcome infections to damage your teeth.
These habits ignite the receding gums, deteriorate the jawbone, and cause oral and overall ill health.
Dentists advise to lessen or quit these bad habits as they impact the health of your teeth.

  1. Bruxism and Jaw clenching:

Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth in the night unknowingly or during stressful situations.
Continuous grinding of teeth tears the protective layer Enamel, which exposes the sensitive layer called dentin, and breaks the strength of the teeth that results in several dental issues.
It causes TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). It is a painful jaw disorder.
If you have these disorders, consult your dentist for a mouth guard to get rid of the bruxism habit and try stressful techniques to relieve stress and avoid jaw dysfunction.
To conclude, practice good habits in your routine throughout your life because your habits determine your character and design your lifestyle.
Therefore, brush twice a day for two minutes with soft bristles brush and floss regularly for the health of the teeth.
Schedule regular dental check-ups with your dentist for professional care and use professional dental products to keep up your dental health and own a forever flawless smile!!