Effects of Sugary Products on Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


5 June 2020

Effects of Sugary Products on Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you love to eat sugary products?
If yes, then you are just not feeding yourself and satisfying your taste buds with sugary products, but also you are laying a path for the growth of bacteria and cavities in your teeth.

We all know that our mouth has hundreds of bacteria that are beneficial to the oral ecosystem. When a sugary substance enters our mouth, the bacteria blends with the sugars and forms acids that destroy enamel and lead to further dental complications.

Here are the top five complications on the teeth due to sugary products:

  1. Tooth decay and Sugar: 

Sugars in the food and drinks combine with bacteria and the plaque to exhibit acids that dissolve the enamel and results in tooth decay.
In 2010, WHO have recorded consistent equal results of sugar consumed and tooth decay. When the intake of sugar-free products is less than 10% of energy intake, the cases of dental caries are recorded less in number
As per the Cohort analysis in 2014, it stated that approximately 26000 kids per year have dental caries.
Plaque begins to form on the teeth, after 20 minutes of consumption of sugars. If it is untreated, it starts tooth decay.
The risk of tooth decay is more in children and adolescents.

  1. Gingivitis:

There are many different types of bacteria in and around the teeth.
Bacteria feed on the sugars from sweetened drinks and form plaque.
Bacteria and plaque present around the gums exhibit toxic products that eventually enter the gums.
The untreated toxic products settled in the gums become advanced and cause gingivitis.
If gingivitis remains in the teeth for a long time, it results in periodontitis or leads to tooth extraction.

  1. Tooth Erosion:

The acids generated by the bacteria and plaque from the sweet beverages like soft drinks, juices, etc. are harmful and weaken the teeth.
Due to the acids in the sweet drinks, the enamel tears, and the inner layer of the tooth called dentin is exposed, which results in tooth hypersensitivity, and this leads to tooth pain.

  1. Health risks:

Sugary products as they enter into the mouth, they blend with bacteria and form plaque.
If this bacteria and plaque remain in the teeth, they enter into the bloodstream and causes different health issues like:

  • Heart risks:

Bacteria settled in the teeth for a long time generates a protein in the bloodstream that doesn’t supply sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the heart, and this results in a heart attack.

  • Brain disease:

The bacteria in the blood form blocks in the blood and obstructs the blood flow to the brain resulting in brain blockage.

  • Diabetes:

Recent studies have recorded that bacteria formed due to the presence of the sugars results in type 2 diabetes.

  1. Serious health problems:

We all know that to stay healthy, we need sufficient nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
If the sugar we intake represents 10% to 20 % of calorie intake, our body undergoes nutrient deficiency and other health issues.
The sugar becomes digestive, and when they reach the digestive system, the fructose is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver, until we do not burn it with physical activity.
If the stored glycogen is in the liver for a longer time, it turns into cholesterol and results in the fatty liver that leads to further complications.

How to prevent these effects on the teeth:

  1. Use a straw to keep away the sugar from the drinks.
  2. Try to intake plenty of water.
  3. Chew sugar-free chewing gums, it produces more saliva and cleanses your mouth.
  4. Drink soda in a limited quantity.
  5. Drink healthy drinks like milk, fresh homemade fruit juice without adding sugar.
  6. Consult your dentist to treat the cavities. He will apply fluoride to the teeth directly, this reduces the tooth cavities, and strengthens the enamel.

Consuming abundant sugar, not only deteriorates the oral health. It also results in weight gain and other health complications like type 2 diabetes, thyroid, etc. especially in children.
The best solution to avoid bad oral health is to limit or avoid consuming sugary products.
In case you intake the sugary substances in any situation, do not cleanse your mouth immediately, it washes away the enamel.
Cleanse your mouth thoroughly after 20 mins to avoid complications due to sugar levels.

This article states that diet plays a vital role in oral health and overall health.
Food that passes through your mouth and reaches the digestive system should be healthy as the oral health and overall health are deeply interlinked to each other.
Therefore, Eat healthily and live healthily.

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