Emergency Response: First Aid for a Broken Tooth
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14 May 2024

Emergency Response: First Aid for a Broken Tooth

If a tooth is broken partially, find its broken pieces, try to put them back into position, rinse your mouth with warm water, reduce the swelling with an ice pack, and visit a dentist immediately. If it is paining too much, take a painkiller, like Ibuprofen. These are the Emergency Responses: First Aid for a Broken Tooth. 

In case the tooth gets detached, contact the dentist immediately and visit him/her within an hour of this occurrence. If the tooth is so badly broken that it cannot be reinserted, you may have to opt for dental implants or partial dentures.  

If the tooth can be saved, take it by the crown without touching the root and rinse it in water or milk. Keep the root of the tooth carefully, as the dentist needs it to reattach your tooth. Do not make the mistake of scrubbing it, as it can lead to tissue damage. 

Relocate the broken tooth back to its original position. Ensure the tooth is correctly placed, and do not use force to reinsert it. Otherwise, store the tooth in salted water so that it does not dry. Do remember the Emergency Response: First Aid for a Broken Tooth. 

The earlier a broken tooth can be re-implanted. The chances of it being entrenched back into the gum is more likely.