Should I brush my teeth before or after Breakfast?
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25 November 2022

Should I brush my teeth before or after Breakfast?

Brushing is the most critical step in the entire oral care hygiene for optimal maintenance of dental health. The technique of brushing and flossing is important and widely discussed, but the right time to brush your teeth is not discussed enough.  


Many people brush their teeth before breakfast, and some prefer brushing after breakfast. The question of when is the right time to brush has been largely neglected. This blog is about this topic and deals with the pros and cons of the habit.  


Why should we brush our teeth? 


Brushing is the process of removing the built-up bacteria on the teeth and the gum line. The bacteria is caused when the consumed food has a lot of sugar; it causes plaque to develop on the teeth. If this is not cleaned every day, it can change the tartar and break the enamel coating on the teeth. Thus brushing is extremely necessary considering the quality of food we consume every day.   


The food particles that get stuck between the teeth might also cause cavity and tooth damage. Thus most American Dentist Association suggests brushing and flossing every day. The two times, two-minute rule is extremely crucial in maintaining overall dental health and well-being. This keeps cavities, tooth damage, and other gum infections at bay.   


When is the right time to brush your teeth? Before or after breakfast? 


Brushing first thing in the morning is a widely accepted norm. However, some people prefer brushing after breakfast. Drinking your first coffee or orange juice while still having some fluoride in your mouth is not a great feeling. This makes people prefer having breakfast before brushing their teeth.  


But most dentists suggest brushing before eating anything as it is beneficial for oral health and helps in maintaining the enamel coating on the teeth. This habit removes the bacteria that gets built up over the night.  


The food we eat produces a lot of sugars and eating without brushing your teeth which already have built up bacteria can only lead further risk of demineralizing of the teeth and eventual cavities and damage. And, brushing after breakfast might remove important acids in the mouth. Thus it is always better to brush your teeth before breakfast.