mouthwash actually works

Many people’s oral hygiene practices have historically included the use of mouthwash. Does it, however, work? Let us now examine the science.  WHAT IS MOUTHWASH?  Mouthwash, a liquid used post-brushing, falls into two categories: cosmetic and therapeutic. While cosmetic freshens breath, therapeutic variants, with active ingredients, combat plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath, it is important DOES MOUTHWASH ACTUALLY WORK?

Cavities: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

A cavity is a hole that develops in anyone’s tooth, commonly known as tooth decay. Cavities start minor and get larger over time if individuals cannot take care of them on time. It may be challenging to recognize a problem because many holes do not initially hurt. An individual can detect early tooth decay with Cavities: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What is baby bottle tooth decay?

Who does not like to have sweets, especially if you are a kid? Having sweet is actually a pleasurable feeling and a great way to keep your baby occupied but having too much of sweet can actually affect your baby’s oral health causing baby bottle tooth decay, also called Early Childhood Caries (ECC) caused by What is baby bottle tooth decay?