This is a process of straightening the teeth without the use of metal braces. They are removable and pull the disoriented tooth back into its position. They are made by SmartTrack material. This invisalign can also be used to correct conditions like overbite, underbite, crossbite and openbite. Invisalign braces are used mostly in adults where there is not much of a correction whereas the metal braces are used for people with severely crooked teeth.


A word of caution and symptoms: The invisalign braces could cause some severe discomfort and soreness; however it is a lot better than the conventional metal braces. The invisalign braces typically cost around INR 1.5 lacs to INR 3.5 lacs. Always remember to remove your invisalign braces before you eat anything. They are not that durable and might get damaged if you eat with them. It is to be noted that the invisalign may cause some harm like nausea, dryness of mouth, headaches, and in some cases there is a swelling of the eyes, fatigue and soreness.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses aligners to adjust your teeth properly. It is customized to position your teeth correctly without using metal wires or brackets.   

In Invisalign, dentists develop clear aligners after taking computer-generated images and imprints from your mouth to modify your teeth’s position.   

The procedure for Invisalign  

Aligners in Invisalign shift the teeth slowly as they use customized plastic trays that a patient gets implanted with. Once a fortnight, the sizes of these trays are changed slightly to allow the teeth to straighten over time.   

You must always wear aligners and remove them only when you brush, eat, or drink. These aligners are made using a transparent plastic material personalized for the patient so that they properly fit your teeth.  

Benefits of Invisalign treatment 

Invisalign rectifies issues for which traditional braces were earlier used. As per its treatment, plastic aligners transform your teeth drastically.   

The issues it fixes include crowded teeth, open bites, and gap teeth, among others.   

The major benefits of Invisalign are that transparent removable aligners are used, which allow you to brush, drink, and eat.   

How to prepare for Invisalign 

Before an Invisalign procedure, a dentist examines your teeth to ensure that they are in good health and to be certain that it will benefit you in the long term.   

After this, your mouth’s virtual representationis produced in three dimensions to visualize the expected movement of the teeth to make the customized trays.   

Duration of the Invisalign process  

Before opting for Invisalign, you need to have a check-up twice a monthto ensure it is progressing as expected and to allow the aligners to be changed.  

The entire course of Invisalign for adults will take an averageof 12 months to get the desired results.  

Once your treatment of Invisalign is completed successfully, you will need to wear a retainer when you are sleeping to ensure your teeth stay in place.