What Are the Different Types of Dentures – Elite Dental Care Tracy


28 January 2020

What Are the Different Types of Dentures – Elite Dental Care Tracy

What are different types of Dentures:
Are you losing all your teeth and still do you want a smile makeover?
Do not worry, dentures are the solution to replace the missing tooth or the complete tooth structure.
People of all ages who have missing tooth/ teeth can use these dentures to improve their smile and appearance.
Do not delay in taking the decision of putting on the dentures after you lose your teeth as it loosens the jaw strength and the bone is reabsorbed by the body which is important to implant the dentures.
It’s an assumption by many people that there is only one type of denture, however there are different types of dentures made up of different materials.
To make a decision on choosing the right denture, consult your dentist
Doctor will check the health of the jaw, gaps in the tooth, location and the distance between the neighboring tooth and missed tooth and helps you decide the right denture suiting you.
Initially, doctor will brief you about the missed tooth, plan of the treatment, cost overview and the dentures procedure.

Review about dentures:
Dentures are the replica of natural tooth/teeth set which replaces the missing tooth or whole set of teeth.
They are temporary and can be removed out and kept back into the mouth.
Dentures harmonize with natural teeth and gums of the human body and none of your friends, relatives or anybody can identify your teeth as artificial dentures.

Types of dentures:

  1. Traditional/Full dentures: These replace the full set of upper and lower set of teeth, dental bridges anchor the existing teeth.

These dentures sit on the top of the gums.

  1. Partial Dentures:Partial dentures replace the missing tooth and gets affixed with the existing teeth. They are removable and can be re fixed into the mouth as and when you need.

Also, these partial dentures prevent the damage of the surrounding of tooth extracted and avoids dental problems further.

  1. Customized Dentures: These dentures are designed as per the patient’s oral measurements, suiting his/her smile. These are more expensive and gives the look of natural smile to the patient.
  2. Upper dentures:These dentures are created only for the upper set of the teeth with the help of existing teeth and dental structures.
  3. Over dentures:These dentures lie on the top of the gums and removable whenever needed and fixed on the grounds of the existing teeth.
  4. Economy:These are the very much affordable and ready made; we have to compromise with the size and looks. They get damaged very soon.


Implant Supported dentures:

  1. Fixed Dental restoration:

      Crown:  Crowns are artificial tooth. Placed as a substitute for a broken/chipped tooth or gaps in the tooth.
Crowns are made of different metals, plastic or porcelain materials.
Crowns are of two types, full crown and partial crown.
Full crown covers the whole tooth and partial crown covers only the effected part of the tooth.

  1. Dental Bridges: These are used as a medium to close the smaller gaps among the teeth and also act as support to artificial tooth that fills the gaps. dental bridges are designed as per the size, location and requirement of the patient and also support the implantation of the Dental implants.
  1. Dental Implants:

Dental implants are artificial roots of the tooth made up with different metals like titanium. These are used to hold the artificial tooth, crowns and bridges. Dental implants are attached to the          jawbone, they take some time to harmonize with the jawbone and forms a strong ground to support the artificial tooth.

  1. Removable dentures:

Complete dentures and partial dentures together are called as removable dentures.These can be fixed to natural teeth or dental implants and can be taken out any point of time.Removable                dentures can also be retained using double crowns by putting them on natural teeth which serve as mechanical clasp. This technique can also be used through bridges.

Selection of dentures depends upon your tooth structure, and requirement of the type of dentures

Dentures are made up of different materials, and does not suit everybody.
Some people are allergic to certain metals, if they put on the dentures made up with such metals, it might cause them infections and become very harmful.
Consult your doctor to help you select and decide on the type of dentures you are compatible with and own a beautiful smile.

Everybody cannot afford for dentures due to their high price, consult your dentist and discuss about the cost effectiveness and type of denture suiting you.
Statutory insurance provides advice on artificial teeth and dentures.

Once you get your dentures implanted after care instructions should be followed very strictly as per the doctor’s prescription.