What does a Pediatric Dentist do?
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1 December 2022

What does a Pediatric Dentist do?

Many families have a go-to physician or a pediatrician but rarely have a pediatric dentist. Many studies have stated that more than 50% of children these days have some sort of dental problem. Owing to our modern-day diet, cavities and tooth decay have become common problems for children as well. However, these problems are curable with help of an expert pediatric dentist. Hence it is extremely important to take your child to a Pediatric Dentist regularly.  


Who is a Pediatric Dentist? 


A pediatric dentist is one who has a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and completes a series of dental certification exams. After years of experience and clearing many exams, a pediatric dentist becomes qualified to treat children and their dental complications. Hence,  a pediatric dentist is a right expert to treat any kind of dental problem and provide gentle care for your child. This also makes it extremely important to make regular visits to a pediatric dentist in the formative years of your child.  


What does a pediatric dentist do? 


Pediatric dentists are also called Pedodontis. They treat dental problems for children and teenagers. Children start having their first teeth in their first six months and start losing their first set of teeth by the age of five or six. During this phase, children need special care and diagnosis for their teeth and gums to ensure the healthy growth of their teeth. Hence dental health and hygiene are extremely important during this formative stage.  


During the first few years, the food habits anther general habits need to be monitored to make sure the baby does not develop any kind of oral health issues. For example, thumb-sucking is one such habit that needs to be discouraged as it may cause changes in the bone structure and result in malocclusion.  


Apart from the habits, some simple oral health issues if not treated at the right time may end up causing serious complications that might show up in their teenage. Thus, visiting a pediatric dentist is extremely important to develop healthy dental health for your child.  




Pediatric dentists work closely with a general dentist to make sure the diagnosis and prognosis of the dental condition are optimal. A general dentist refers the patient to a pediatric dentist when the problem is an extension of something experienced in their childhood. Thus most of the dental problems we experience have their roots in our dental condition in our childhood. Thus one must always take their child to a pediatric dentist for regular checks ups.