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23 February 2024


Winter’s dry air can deplete moisture, affecting not just your skin but also your dental health. Combat dryness by prioritizing hydration—aim for eight glasses of water daily and sip on herbal teas, avoiding sugary sodas and acidic juices that erode tooth enamel. 

Humidify Happy: 

Invest in a humidifier to counteract dry air, especially in your bedroom. Add a drop of peppermint essential oil for a refreshing, wintery scent. Stick to your dental care routine—brush twice daily and floss once—to prevent lingering food particles and increased plaque buildup caused by winter treats. 

Brush & Floss Like a Snowman: 

Be cautious with holiday indulgences, as sugary candies and acidic drinks can harm enamel. Enjoy in moderation, rinse with water afterward, and brush when possible. Surprisingly, cheese can neutralize acidity, making it a winter-friendly choice. 


When warming up with winter beverages, avoid scalding your mouth and damaging enamel. Let hot drinks cool slightly before sipping, and use insulated mugs to keep them warm without excess heat. 


A healthy smile is a happy smile year-round. Follow these winter oral care tips to maintain your oral health and start the new year with confidence.