5 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Kids – Elite Dental Care Tracy


28 August 2020

5 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Kids – Elite Dental Care Tracy

It is a hard chore for parents to predict tooth issues in their children, as they have low immunity levels and are prone to oral and overall sickness very frequently.
Cavities are one of the common oral issues in children as they consume a lot of candies, sweets, sugary foods, junk foods, milk, etc.
These cavities, if untreated, decay and damage the temporary teeth.
It is not suggestible to neglect the tooth decay in the children at the development phase of temporary teeth that forms a strong base for the permanent teeth.

What is tooth decay:
Tooth decay: A tooth decay is damage to the outer and protective layer enamel. When the sugars break down in the mouth, bacteria or plaque generate acids that damage the structure of the teeth.
The enamel loses its minerals in this process, and if it is untreated or unmineralized, the tooth develops permanent holes called cavities or caries.

Tooth decay is a common dental disease in children in the United States, and February is designated as the National Children’s Dental Health Month by the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (AAPD).
According to the report by AAPD in 2014, Tooth decay in children widespread by the age of 5. A rapid form of tooth decay known as “Early Childhood Caries” is a common chronic disease in children in the US, which is spreading rapidly faster than asthma.

When children lose their decayed temporary tooth before they fall out naturally, the space on the gums affects the development of the permanent tooth, and children develop crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth, which requires complicated procedures in the future to treat them.
It also causes infections and affect the development of speech, etc.
To avoid these challenges, parents should be careful and act immediately.

However, Parents!! you don’t have to panic, you can fight the dental issues of your kids and prevent tooth decay if you follow a few strategies and protect your child’s oral health.
Here are the top five best strategies to prevent tooth decay:

1. Oral hygiene:
Teach your children about oral health from the initial stages of their childhood. Make it a tradition and a habit to your children to brush twice a day and floss regularly for healthy teeth.
Practice the same along with them, as children look up to their parents and develop their personality.
Monitor them while they brush their teeth until they understand its importance.

2. Dental Products:
American Dental Association has given a declaration that parents can use fluoride toothpaste for their toddlers as soon as they develop their first teeth.
The fluoride in the toothpaste mineralize the weakly grown areas and protect the prone areas to tooth diseases like decay, cavities, etc.
The quantity of toothpaste should be the size of grain rice for children under three years.
A pea-sized quantity of toothpaste for kids of 4 to 6 age would be sufficient to obtain healthy teeth.
We see children swallowing the toothpaste because of its taste, but excess fluoride intake would result in fluorosis. Limit the usage of toothpaste.

3. Diet:
It is not easy to restrict the diet of the children, that is, keep children away from eating candies or any other sugary products, but diet indeed plays a vital role in the dental health of an infant or an adult.
Dr.Singh says sugary foods like candies, sweets, sticky candies, gummy vitamins, etc. and the frequency of snacking these things produce a lot of acids in the mouth that gradually results in tooth decay.
Encourage your children to brush immediately after eating these sugary foods.
Limit feeding them to your children and instead feed them with fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. as they swab the plaque present in the teeth and result in healthy teeth.

4. Concern for dental issues:
Parents should monitor the oral health of their toddlers to avoid any dental issues in premature teeth. They should take charge of brushing their toddler’s teeth maximum up to the age of 6 years.
To brush the little one’s upcoming teeth, parents should use soft bristles brush, and the goal of brushing must be to remove the accumulated plaque or bacteria from their tiny teeth.
If the kids start brushing by themselves, then parents should watch out for their dental health to avoid complications.

5. Dental check-ups:
American Academy of Paediatrics and the American Dental Association advise taking your child to the dentist before or by his/her first birthday.
Every child needs regular dental check-ups every six months it builds a relationship with the dentist who knows your child’s full dental history and keeps your child away from dental issues like decay, cavities, etc.
Never wait for a dental issue to pop up and result in a complication, monitor your child’s oral health for their healthy oral and overall growth.

In a few instances, children might develop misaligned teeth, an improper bite, or crooked teeth such issues are addressed as orthodontia.
Orthodontia occurs if the development of temporary teeth is not proper, and they fall off before the natural time or any other reason.
Lack of understanding of the oral issues by parents has increased the cases of tooth decay in young children over the past 20 years.
Therefore, do not neglect or ignore your child’s oral health.
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