Adult Braces Myths and Facts
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1 September 2022

Adult Braces Myths and Facts

Adults are increasingly choosing to have braces on or take orthodontic treatment. It is a massive misconception that braces are only for children and teenagers. Many studies have noted that there has been a considerable increase in the number of adults getting braces on. 


What are Braces? 

Braces are dental fixtures that dentists suggest to correct crooked teeth or improve the alignment of the teeth. This is primarily seen in teenagers but of late adults are also preferring to get braces on. Adults get them to correct their smiles.  

Apart from braces, there are other kinds of procedures like aligners that dentists or orthodontists follow to fix dental imperfections. However, braces remain to be the most common tool.  

 Myths About Adult Braces: 

Considering the large number of teenagers who have braces on, there are a lot of myths about adult braces. Here are a few myths that need to be busted about adult braces: 


  1. Braces are only for children: This is the most common myth about braces in general. While there are many different reasons for having braces on, adult braces are also a thing and are mostly done to correct their smiles. Braces technically have nothing to do with age.
  2. Braces can cure the problem forever: Many people who go for braces believe that this treatment can solve their alignment problem forever. This is not completely true; after removing the braces, retainers are given for further alignment. If the retainers are not used, there are chances of your teeth losing alignment again.  
  3. Braces are visible: This is partly true and partly not. The braces available in the market are visible but there are alternatives to braces called aligners which are transparent and work pretty well. So, if the visibility of braces is an issue, there is always a choice to make.
  4. Braces are Uncomfortable: There has been a lot of progress in terms of dental treatments and procedures. Though a slight bit of discomfort is normal, the overall experience with dental fixtures and braces is quite comfortable. Will negligible pain and minimal discomfort braces are quite bearable and useful. 


Facts About Adult Braces: 


Now that these myths have been busted, It is equally important to know a few facts about braces. This will help in informed decision-making. 


  1. Adult Orthodontics is not painful: Many believe orthodontic treatment is painful as you grow older and this is the reason why braces are suggested for teenagers. Though this is not entirely true, discomfort is common and can be gotten over in a few days after fixing them. Hence, pain and discomfort are not reasons enough to avoid this treatment for adults. 
  2. The treatment is not time-consuming: Orthodontics is generally believed to be a time-consuming treatment. But with the advancements in the dental field, the process has been simplified and the results can be expected in lesser time.  


Wrap Up! 


These myths that were busted and facts that were stated help in making a decision and make the patient more aware of the entire process. Hence, it is normal for adults to have braces if suggested by a dentist or orthodontist.