28 February 2021


Smoking is undoubtedly injurious to health. It leads to several health issues, including damage to oral health. These days, people are becoming aware of the negative effects of smoking on human health still, the deaths due to smoking are on the rise. Smoking stains your teeth and leads to bad breath. Apart from this, there are many more dental defects caused by smoking. A detailed overview of how smoking negatively affects your oral health is shared below.

A few visible effects of smoking on oral health are as below.
1. Stained Teeth
Smoking exposes the smoker’s teeth to tobacco and nicotine, leading to yellow teeth or discoloration of teeth. Stained teeth not only degrade the appearance of your smile but also damage the enamel.

2. Bad Breath
Bad breath is a complimentary gift with the habit of smoking. Smoking dries the mouth, reducing saliva production. When the mouth is dry, it emits smell known as bad breath.

3. Loss of Smell & Taste
Smoking discolors the tongue and also leads to loss of smell and taste as the taste-buds are affected.

4. Weakened Immune System
Smoking weakens the immune system of the smoker that speeds up the bacterial infection in the mouth. When bacteria find their way, they create havoc with the oral health of the smoker.

5. Plaque Build Up & Tartar
Nicotine in cigarettes decreases saliva production and render the mouth dry. When saliva that is the defense against the bacteria in the mouth, is reduced, the defense system weakens. This in turn poses an advantage to the bacteria, and plaque builds up in the oral cavity. Plaque hardens further becoming the dark colored tartar.

6. Gum Diseases
When bacteria and the hardened tartar accumulate above or below the gums(on the gum line), gums get inflamed. Inflammation of gums further leads to bleeding of gums. These are the early symptoms of gum disease, namely Gingivitis. Gingivitis further, gives rise to severe gum disease, namely Periodontitis. Gum diseases are common in smokers.

7. Loss of Teeth
Gums are the foundation and support system for the teeth. When the gums weaken, they loosen their hold on the teeth. As a result, teeth start shaking, and there are visible gaps between the teeth. Ultimately, the natural tooth starts falling off. Natural teeth are the best and possess longevity compared to the duplicates. Hence it is quite essential to preserve the natural teeth.

8. Mouth Sores & Ulcers
Mouth sores and ulcers are quite common in smokers due to the dry mouth and reduced saliva.

9. Increased Risk of Leukoplakia
Smoking increases the risk of leukoplakia. Leukoplakia causes white patches in the mouth; either on the tongue or the internal sides of the cheeks or the floor of the mouth. It is due to the irritation fo the mucous membranes caused by smoking.

10. Delayed Healing of Dental Procedures
As the immune system of the smoker is weakened and their dental health also gets degraded, it demands an extended time for healing of dental procedures in them. Whether it’s a root canal or tooth extraction or oral surgery, every procedure would require an extended time for recovery compared to the non-smokers.

11. Increased Risk of Oral Cancer
Exposure to harmful chemicals in the cigarettes and smoking materials lead to mutations of healthy cells in the mouth and throat. This in turn increases the risk of developing oral cancer.

These are a few negative effects of smoking on a person’s oral health. Every part of the mouth gets affected by the cigarettes, and hence it is highly advisable to quit smoking for better dental as well as overall health. If you have developed any dental disorder or wish to correct your dental defects, visit The Elite Dental Care. We render you a beautiful smile that reflects your sound oral health.