Best Food for Healthy Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


9 December 2019

Best Food for Healthy Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Best food for Healthy teeth:
Generally doctors say that our health depends upon a healthy diet and lifestyle which is a fact.
As an experienced dental doctor I say our oral health also depends upon the food we eat.
“Healthy eating is a way of living life, it should be accustomed to our routine to eat simple, realistic and an organic way of livable food”.
If we do not want our teeth to be damaged or extracted very early, then we must opt to eat healthy food to make our teeth strong.
Best healthy food:
I personally suggest these foods that are clinically proven healthy for teeth:
Greens are leafy vegetables with more vitamins, minerals, and most importantly provides calcium that strengthens the enamel which helps protecting the inner layers of the teeth.
They also contain folic acid and Vitamin B which provides extra care in pregnant woman.
I have many patients who do not like leafy veggies such people can add these greens on their favorite foods like pizza, smoothies etc.
Drinking tea like black and green tea is recommendable. Tea has a compound called polyphenols they limit the growth of bacteria related gum diseases or cavities.
Tea decreases the ability of the bacteria to clump up with other bacteria and increase their strength.
Researchers from Illinois university, Chicago declared that people who rinse their mouth with green tea ten times a day for 10 minutes has less and weak plaque buildup in their teeth which doesn’t last for long time.
Drinking tea helps fights halitosis (bad breath).

Vitamin-rich foods:
We should eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals such as calcium, phosphorous etc.
Acidic foods are very dangerous for oral health, they cause lesions(small holes,decay) on the teeth enamel.
Calcium and phosphorous redeposit the minerals on the teeth and fill up the lesions.

Crunchy foods:
Foods such as carrots, almonds, apples etc. are hard to chew. Chewing for a while is beneficial to the teeth as it disturbs the plaque accumulated  in the teeth and acts as a cleaning mechanism.
The crunching of the food helps the bacteria to get cleared up from the teeth.
Crunchy food implies only for healthy foods and not for junk foods as they increase the formation of bacteria.

Chewing gums:
Chewing sugarless gums helps in the secretion of more saliva which washes away the bacteria from the teeth.
It implies only for sugarless gums. If  sweet chewing gums are used, there are more chances for the formation of bacteria.

Cranberries contains polyphenols which keeps the plaque out from the teeth just as the Tea does. It avoids the plaque sticking to the teeth, formation of bacteria, thus decreases risk of formation of cavities.
Directly eating cranberries will not affect the teeth, however cranberry products will have added sugars which is not good for oral hygiene.

Are you are cheese lover?  then you can enjoy eating cheese for another wonderful reason.
Cheese is rich in calcium, protein and nutrients that strengthen the teeth enamel, it helps the mouth to produce more saliva which lowers the chances of formation of bacteria, plaque and cavities resulting in healthy teeth.

Milk and yogurt:
Drinking milk without adding any sweeteners or cereals is very much beneficial.
Milk neutralizes the acids produced by bacteria or plaque, drinking milk after eating some sweet deserts is very much useful.
Yogurt is rich in minerals and proteins. It contains good bacteria which fights the bad bacteria and flushes it out and prevents cavities in the teeth. Choose plain yogurt and avoid any kind of sweeteners.

Fibrous foods:
Texture of fibrous foods stimulates the gums and make them strong and capable for protecting the inner layer of the teeth.

Fluoride Products:
Nowadays we see many oral products being advertised, be very choosy while you choose the products.
Along with the healthy food, products that are used for the protection of teeth are equally important.
Fluoride rich toothpastes like Colgate etc. electronic toothbrush or brushes with soft bristles that can reach nook and corners of the teeth, dental products suggested by dental doctors are safe for the teeth.

The food we eat plays an important role for our healthy lifestyle both body and oral health.
Healthy food implies, healthy body and healthy smile.