Best Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity – Elite Dental Care Tracy


4 May 2020

Best Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you have beautiful white teeth with no dental complaints, but experience some pain whenever you eat chilled or frozen foods or expose your teeth to air for some time?
Ah!! then probably you are going through tooth sensitivity.
Do you want to know what tooth sensitivity is? and the best treatment?
Here are some interesting insights about tooth sensitivity.
What is tooth sensitivity?
Tooth sensitivity is a mild spasm in the teeth that causes discomfort for a while in people.
Tooth sensitivity is a common disease, nearly 40 million Americans experience this problem, and it is curable.
The sensitive tooth is an initiative for dental problems in your dentition, so it is preferred to be careful and treat this situation as soon as possible to avoid future complaints.
What causes tooth sensitivity?
Teeth have a protective layer called enamel that protects the inner layers.
The inner layer called dentin gets exposed to the air, and it meets the gums when the protective layer enamel loses its thickness, resulting in the sensitivity of the teeth.
There are two approaches for treating the sensitive teeth:

  1. Treatment by home remedies
  2. Professional treatment.

Let us drive through some home remedies to treat sensitive teeth:
Find the best toothpaste for your teeth:
Use desensitizing toothpaste to your teeth, we see multiple brands of toothpaste selling in the market in the present scenario, but use a toothpaste that is rich in fluorine to keep away your teeth from sensitivity.
Soft bristles brush:
Use soft bristles brush to prevent, wearing and tearing of enamel of the tooth, and prevent damage to the tooth.
Clean and floss your teeth regularly:
Brush and floss your teeth daily to avoid the accumulation of plaque, inflammation, or bacteria in your teeth,
Green Tea:
Green tea avoids many crucial health problems like cardio arrests, cancer, etc. as it is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Use unsweetened green tea two times a day to strengthens and reduce the decay in the teeth.
Saltwater rinse:
Salt is an antibiotic which alleviates different types of pains in the human body, including oral pain.
Take lukewarm water mix it up with salt and put this solution for 30 seconds in your mouth and spit it out.
Do it twice a day and keep away the dental problems.
Professional Treatment:
If these mantras don’t work, then it is time to visit your dentist and cure your tooth sensitivity immediately.
Professional treatments suggested by doctors for tooth sensitivity:

  • Applying fluoride gel or varnish.
  • Crowns, bonding, or inlays are the approaches used to treat tooth decay or tooth sensitivity.
  • A surgical gum graft reduces sensitivity, if the tissues or the nerves wear off from the roots.
  • If neither of the methods helps in reducing tooth sensitivity, then a root canal approach is the saver to treat tooth sensitivity.
  • Do not miss the scheduled dental visits.

New developments on tooth sensitivity treatments:
In 2014, FDA approved silver diamine fluoride is capable of treating dental sensitivity.
Most dentists say that fluoride protects our dentition, but as per Caries research in 2015, fluoride with other protective agents is not enough to safeguard our dentition and prevent erosion.
Research says protective materials like titanium tetrafluoride, polyvalent metal ions, some polymers offer extra protection to our dentition.
Inventions in dentistry:
Y Brush automatically brushes your teeth in 10 secs.
A new coating material called polysaccharide-based material is one of the polymers coated with carboxymethylcellulose, and chitosan, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on dental aligners.
Some specific proteins are selected and used to build synthetic enamel to protect the teeth.
Finland is about to release a new version of planmed verify CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scanner.
In the case of tooth sensitivity, always be alert and get the treatment asap.
Initially, try the home remedies, if everything fails, then approach for the professional treatment.
If you neglect the small issues, it would lead to big complicated surgeries in future.