Dental Bone Grafting – Elite Dental Care Tracy


6 May 2020

Dental Bone Grafting – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Are you planning for dental implants to bring back your gorgeous smile and shape of the face.

“It’s never too late to change something in life”, consult your dentist immediately to replace your lost tooth/ teeth with artificial teeth using dental implants.

Your dentist will initially check your jaw bone for its capacity, health and strength to hold the teeth/tooth,  because if it has been long time you lost your teeth your bone will loose its essential qualities of holding the teeth as it gets reabsorbed by your body.
In such cases, there is a small procedure to restore the bone strength using prosthetic handmade machines and grafting materials.
This procedure is called Dental Bone Grafting.

What is Bone Grafting?
Bone Grafting:
A small incision is made to the gums to ingress the bone beneath and the grafting material is added wherever it is required to make the bone strong and healthy.
Grafting material is a reservoir of minerals that persuades new bone formation.
Before the procedure you are given anesthesia so that you will not feel the pain.
This procedure is done in the dental office as it a small surgical procedure.

Different types of grafting materials:


grafting materials

                                                            Grafting Materials

For people who are not comfortable putting foreign materials like porcine, cadaver material, bovine bone etc. into their lost bone there are new developments to encourage them.

In the fast-growing technology, many new advancements has been added to Implant dentistry to build up the lost bone structure, some are listed below:

  1. Magic of Technology:

An innovative surgery called Botiss Bone Builder® integrated with technology that is digital imaging allows us to conduct a 3D X ray (CT Scan) on the affected area and identify the exact image of the bone which helps to design the replica of the bone and then it is ordered from the bone bank and placed in the jaw which makes the jaw bone capable of putting the implants and holding the artificial teeth, this brings back the normal shape of the patient’s face with a smile. 

  1. Re use of Extracted teeth:

Here we opt to use the extracted teeth as grafting material, before that we should free it from any composite fillings, metal or any foreign materials and process it into tooth grinder.
Tooth grinder grinds the tooth into small uniform particles and these are used as bone graft material, this process takes about half an hour.
After the processing is done it is ready to be kept in the bone graft of the patient or it can be stored in a safe place.
The results are promising but not yet approved by United States to sell or use.

  1. New Innovation:

Couple of famous doctors Alessa D’Onofrio and Niall Kent found that the main features of Bone grafting materials have high levels of Osseointegration and levels of fixed remodeling rates which are less or missing in the present bone graft materials.
They thought to expand the life of the Bone, grafting material should be very strong and resist infections.
They invented a bone grafting material called Aerograft, it is a synthetic dental bone graft material which increases the strength and life of the bone and it is far better from existing bone graft materials.
The duo were presented the JC Gammon Award by the Duke of York for their invention.
They are striving through ways to bring their innovation into market.

Expectations during Dental Bone grafting:
Surgeries like dental bone grafting should be done by certified professionals.
Do not consult your family dentist for this procedure to make it cost effective or you may have to pay double the amount in long run.

Dental Bone grafting

                                                       Dental Bone grafting

Steps during the procedure:

  1. You will be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight on the date prepare you for anesthesia.
  2. You will be given anesthesia to avoid the discomfort and pain during procedure.
  3. A separate doctor is assigned to observe the variations of BP,Heart rate during the surgery.
  4. Surgeon gets to the affected area looks out for any cavities, bacteria or inflammation and cleans the gums if any of them are present.
  5. Surgeon cuts the skin and muscle covering the bone to put the grafting materials.
  6. In some cases surgeon will gather the bone grafting material from various parts of your body(leg bone, hip bone etc.) and implants it in your jaw bone.
  7. Bone graft material is placed in between the two pieces of the jaw bone and sometimes it is secured with specified screws for strong foundation.
  8. Surgeon checks the whole dentition’s health before concluding the process and repairs wherever necessary.
  9. He will Stitch the skin and muscle around the treated bone and wherever necessary.
  10. Stitches will get dissolved themselves in the process of healing or during one of your visits after certain period, surgeon will remove them manually.

Do no miss your scheduled dental visits. It takes few months to heal or it may heal earlier than expected if proper care is taken as prescribed by the surgeon.

You may face bleeding, blood clot, numbness, complications due to anesthesia, and infections due to implanted bone.
Sometimes the infections may be severe if the foreign bone does not suit the patient.
Contact your surgeon as soon as you feel any irritation or discomfort after the process.

Beautiful face and healthy teeth is what everybody wishes to have, If we follow some important routine habits and take necessary precautions, it is easy to maintain them healthy.