12 November 2021



Are you someone who feels hesitant to smile or laugh out loud in public owing to the imperfect teeth? You’re not the one, there are many like you! Dental imperfections like crooked, misaligned, chipped, or crowded teeth are common among people, especially teenagers when wisdom teeth also change the pattern. This is the time to correct your dental imperfections and enhance your smile. Do not fear the braces but embrace the braces that will give your smile a perfect look and boost your confidence. Here is how braces can beautify your smile at any age. 




The bite problems like overbite or underbite bring one jaw in front of the other and alter the shape of your face. Not only the bite problems but crowded teeth or widely spaced teeth also impact the shape of your jaws and the face. These defects leave a poor impact on your smile and give bacteria and plaque the advantage of multiplying and creating havoc. 

For instance, when the teeth get crowded, plaque keeps hiding behind the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach, and hence they keep forming a community there. This is the reason flossing is essential for dental healthas the dental floss reaches every nooks and gap of the teeth and clears away the plaque. However, overly crowded teeth make it impossible for flossing also to remove every bit of plaque. Thus the plaque releases harmful acids that attack the enamel, form cavities, and bacteria reach the inner tissues of the teeth, decaying the roots of the teeth and infecting the gums. Hence it is very much essential to correct the dental imperfections to maintain good oral health.   




Orthodontic treatment not only involves straightening the teeth but bringing the jaws and teeth into proper alignment that have a significant impact on your face shape. Mostly if the spacing between the teeth is only the issue, correcting the spaces with braces would only affect your smile. But if there are serious issues like bite problems, the jaws get imbalanced, and the face gets an asymmetry shape. Thus, using braces or aligners can bring back the face to symmetry, and you notice a proper shape of the face. 


Consider you are suffering from an underbite problem in which your lower teeth sit in front of the top teeth. As a result, your lower jaw begins to stick out, eventually, the shape of your face gets distorted due to the misalignment of jaws and teeth. Now when the braces are placed on your teeth, the braces push your teeth to the perfect positions that in turn also forces the jaws to be in the proper position. Thus you will find a significant difference in the shape of your face after the braces treatment. Similarly, with the overbite problem, the weakened or sunken chin and cheeks are altered for a better look. 


If you are hesitant about the metal wires and brackets, you can opt for the modern invisible aligners known as Invisalign. These aligners provide better results and are removable that making it easier to clean and maintain good oral hygiene. Visit our clinic, The Elite Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Tracy, California for your orthodontic dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry.