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13 August 2020

Dental Implants v/s Dental Bridges – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you have a missing tooth? Do not ignore or neglect it, as they do not cause any hindrance to your living!!!
However, losing a tooth has a remarkable effect on your appearance and smile!! and it is an unnoticeable bump on your self-confidence.
Significantly, a missing tooth leads to complicated oral and overall issues.
To avoid the medical complications, consult your dentist and find out the best way for the replacement of your missing tooth/teeth.
Unfortunately, we come across patients who do not have the information on the treatment of the missing tooth/teeth.
Elite Dental Care from Tracy has taken the initiative to enlighten such patients, so that they get the treatment for their missing tooth/teeth and bring the shining smile back in their life.
Here is a brief about the treatments for missing tooth:
If you have a missing tooth, there are two approaches to replace the tooth/teeth.
Embed a dental implant or a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth with artificial teeth and smile wide.
What are dental implants and dental bridges?
Dental Implants:
Dental implants are the titanium cylinder-shaped screws implanted in the jawbone below the gums to support and hold the artificial teeth.
These dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth with proper care.
Dental bridge:
A dental bridge is the replacement of the teeth with a customized artificial tooth/teeth and fills the space of missing tooth/teeth.
It retains the shape of the face, sustains your gorgeous smile, and self-esteem.
How to choose among the dental bridge and the dental implant?
It is not wise to choose the right option for yourself voluntarily, because practically if your choice doesn’t suit your dentition, you might face complications, and will caused a permanent damage.
Consult your trusted dentist who already knows your case history and seek his/her help, and choose the best option for you.
People must be wondering which is the best treatment for missing teeth dental bridge or an implant?
Here are the top 5 comparative points which help us to conclude on the best treatment for missing tooth:

  1. Main differences:

Dental implants: These are the cylindrical-shaped screws, inserted into the jawbone. After the osseointegration, a crown restoration concludes the dental process.
This process does not affect the neighbouring teeth. It has the possibility of gum diseases, and dental implants do not decay.
Dental bridges: It is a three-unit bridge with a metal frame or porcelain material attached to the adjacent natural teeth to replace the missing teeth.
A part of Enamel is worn out to settle the three-unit bridge, which created a possibility of tooth infection.

  1. Effects on neighbouring teeth:

Implants: Initially, this approach does not cause any harm, but there is a possibility of gum diseases that lead to the deterioration of jaw bone and weakens the adjacent teeth.
With proper care and regular dental check-ups, we can avoid gum diseases and have oral hygiene.
Bridges: While implanting the dental bridges, one needs to have neighbouring teeth to support the replacement teeth.
If the neighbouring teeth have a crown, their durability will be a great support to the dental bridge.

  1. Bone loss:

Implant: If the dental implant is implanted immediately after losing the teeth, it prevents bone loss, stimulates the bone material, and retains your facial structure.
If the missing tooth replacement decision is not immediate, then there might be a possibility of bone loss, and the remaining bone will not be sufficient to insert an implant.
In this case, you would require a bone graft surgery that adds strength to the lost bone and make it capable of holding the implant and artificial teeth.
Bridge: If the sinus is close to the molars and premolars of the mouth, then the implant will run into the sinus and damage the sinus or nerve canal. In this case, dental bridges are the best option to replace the missing tooth.
If the sinus is too close to the gums of the teeth, then you might need a small procedure called sinus lift to lift the sinus, create space, and insert a bridge or implant.

  1. Time to heal:

Implant: An implant takes approximately four to ten months for osseointegration.
If you have undergone a bone graft surgery, add another six months to heal completely and be ready to hold the artificial tooth/teeth.
Bridge: Dental bridges significantly takes less time to heal when compared to the implants. After your tooth/teeth extraction, the dentist implants the temporary dental bridge immediately, it takes three months to heal, and it is the time for the insertion of the permanent bridge.

  1. Life of the implants and bridges:

Implants: Dental implants last for a longer time or lifetime with proper care. The titanium material of the implants fuses well with the jawbone, and it resists the gum problems and the decay.
Bridges: Since a part of your natural teeth lies beneath the bridges, the routine wear and tear might create possibilities of decay and gum diseases.
These dental bridges will last for an average of ten years with proper care, and in case they are affected by decay or infections, the dental bridges will gradually fail.
Both the treatments work like wonder with their advantages and disadvantages. The decision of treating your missing tooth/teeth should depend on the health of the jawbone, strength of the gums, financial planning, and most importantly your dentist’s advice.
Other question that mostly bother the patients is about the cost of the treatment, here is a piece of approximate information on the price of both the treatments.
An Implant will cost approximately around $3600 to $4800. Bridges might cost between $2700 to $4800.
A dental bridge is faster, friendly to use, and cost-effective in comparison with the implant.
Regardless of your decision on implants or the bridges, both the approaches will require multiple dental visits, expenses, and follow-up sessions.
Before you proceed for the treatment, enlighten yourself with all the possibilities of recovery from the insurance company to avoid the sudden financial burden, and retain natural facial shape and a beautiful smile!!!
Elite Dental Care, Tracy provides you the best dental treatment and advice on financial terms like insurance.
We take the utmost care of our patients and their smile.
We are available 24*7 for 365 days to serve our patients and are just a click away from you.
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Smile!!! to lead a positive and happy life.