What You Should Expect in Living with Invisalign
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12 February 2019

What You Should Expect in Living with Invisalign

Nobody likes getting a pair of braces and everybody is afraid of the extensive pain that comes along with them. Even if someone ends up talking you into getting one, for sake of your perfect smile, you will definitely get disgusted with the amount of food that gets stuck between them. In short you will look more ugly than desirable however Orthodontists in Tracy have expertise in a relatively newer process called Invisalign.

As the name suggests, it’s “almost” invisible. Invisalign is a revolutionary addition to cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign contains clear aligners and brackets, unlike traditional braces. It is a perfect match for you if you worry about how your smile might look like while undergoing this dental treatment.

You will love it because it straightens your teeth without anyone noticing that you are correcting your smile. The process begins at the dentist’s office, where, during an initial exam, the doctor snaps x-rays and takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth. In the Invisalign lab, technicians craft 26 sets of transparent aligners made to the patient’s exact specifications. Patients generally wear the removable aligners for 6–12 months on an average, since you only need to wear them for 22 hours a day, they will not interfere with eating.

This is a huge advantage because you can eat your favorite plate of ribs, go out for a romantic date, or eat a caramel apple without worrying about something becoming stuck in your teeth or a wire being pulled out of place. This time also allows you to take the aligner out when having an important conversation or making a presentation at work. Overall, this is a convenient way to straighten your teeth and provides the maximum level of flexibility.These aligners is actually a series of individual appliances that look like bleaching trays. Each one moves your teeth 0.25mm closer to their straight positions.

By wearing 10, 20, or however many your case requires, the teeth are slowly moved to their final, straight, position. Throughout the treatment, you will have to return to the dentist’s office for routine checkups every two weeks or so to ensure your teeth continue to shift into their proper places. It also allows you to view your own virtual treatment plan when you start so you can see how your straight teeth will look when your treatment is complete.

Facts and Myths About Flossing

Invisalign orthodontic treatments do more than just straighten and align the teeth. Straight teeth are generally healthier than crooked, misaligned teeth. The smile is improved aesthetically and functionally. Crooked, crowded teeth take away from your smile but they are also harder to clean and floss. Straight teeth are easier to clean since there are fewer hard-to-reach areas where bacteria can hide and accumulate. The patient’s bite is improved. The overall smile is enhanced. When you look for cosmetic dentists/orthodontists in tracy, you are bound to get confused over who is the right person to consult. Obviously you want the most experienced person to look at your teeth. Hence we decided to this research for you.

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There is only one limitation to this, people with Large jaw discrepancies, like overbites, or the need for extractions cannot be treated with Invisalign appliances alone. Such cases must be treated with braces or with a combination of Invisalign and braces. Some of you might also be concerned about whether or not wearing an aligner will impact their speech. Survey tells that patients get used to wearing aligners after the first couple of days. Sometimes, patients have a slight lisp which goes away once they become used to speaking while wearing them. This is standard with any orthodontic procedure but fortunately; most people can speak normally within a couple of days.