Toothaches and Dental Emergencies – Elite Dental Care Tracy


30 May 2020

Toothaches and Dental Emergencies – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Are you not able to enjoy your favourite food due to tooth ache and wondering what is a tooth ache and what is dental emergency?
Here are some insights mentioned about tooth ache, symptoms and preventions:
What is a toothache?
Toothache causes due to irritation in the nerves of the roots
of the tooth or surrounding tooth.
Different reasons cause toothache, and some are listed here:

  1. Tooth infection causes due to gum diseases.
  2. An ear infection may also cause toothache.
  3. Infection in the sinus cavities.
  4. Infection caused in the jawbone may be one of the reasons.
  5. Tooth pain sometimes occurs after tooth extraction, which affects the surrounding teeth and the jawbone.
  6. If bacteria are accumulated in the teeth and left untreated, the bacteria travels deep into the pulp reaching the roots, affecting the nerves and causes tooth decay resulting in toothache.

Symptoms of Toothache:
Pain in the teeth or gums while chewing the food.
Sensitivity in teeth while having cold or hot foods.
Bleeding and swollen gums.
Bad breath.
Dental Emergencies:
In any health cases, there are two scenarios:
An emergency is where you have to see your doctor immediately, to get the treatment or you might deteriorate your oral health further.
Non-emergency is when you are ill, but you can wait for a day or two to see your doctor and get the treatment.
The challenge is you have to be very careful and watch out if you can avoid emergencies, as the doctors will not be available sometimes when you need them.
Here are some top dental emergencies enlisted for reference:
loose Teeth:
Adults do not have loose teeth often unless they had been through some accident, teeth injury or a punch on the face.
Do not neglect or delay in seeing your dentist and fixing your loose teeth as it causes harm to neighbouring teeth and also to the jaw bone in rare cases, leading to complicated procedures and placing of artificial teeth.
Severe Toothache:
If you have a severe toothache which is not resistible, visit your doctor immediately and get the treatment.
Toothache can cause due to many reasons which start from accumulated bacteria to damage in the roots of the teeth where one has to undergo complicated surgical procedures.
Bleeding Gums:
Are your gums bleeding whenever you brush, floss, or bite a hard substance? then you must consult your dental doctor as soon as possible.
Gums bleed if there is no proper oral care.
The bacteria, inflammation grown in your teeth if left untreated, leads to bleeding gums. Some people take it easy, but bleeding gums is an indication that your teeth need immediate treatment.
Swollen Jaw:
We all know the importance of the jaw bone for the healthy natural teeth or an implant to fit in the gums.
A swollen jaw indicates serious infection of the glands
Swollen glands show the symptoms of a bad taste in the mouth, fever, swelling, vomits, discomfort in chewing, breathing, swallowing, etc.
Consult your doctor and get the treatment done immediately.
Dental abscess:
A dental abscess is a very serious condition. It is a painful infection caused in the roots of the teeth.
This infection reaches the roots of the teeth if the prior diseases like bleeding gums, bacteria, inflammation grown in the teeth are left untreated.
Once the infection affects the root of the teeth, a small surgery is recommended to drain the infection and treat the roots.
If the infected roots are left untreated for quite some time, then doctors recommend for a tooth/teeth extraction.
Consult your dentist immediately, if you have unbearable pain in your teeth.
Prefer undergoing surgery than a tooth extraction.
As said by doctors, we cannot define our dental issues. These can be severe sometimes where we will have to see our doctor immediately.
Toothache comes in all sizes and degrees of pain.
Do not leave your aches and pains unattended, and lead them to dental emergencies.
Few important precautions:
Use products exclusively made for dental purposes.
Try and schedule dental visits regularly.
Brush your teeth twice daily.
Clean and floss your teeth regularly.
Gargle with lukewarm water frequently, this helps in washing away the bacteria or inflammation formed on your gums if any.
Try to drink more liquids and avoid dryness in your mouth.
An old quote says, “health is wealth.” Happiness in our life comes along with our health.
Oral care plays a vital role in our life, therefore never neglect or consider your oral issues easy and fall in an emergency and experience a helpless situation.