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26 July 2021


Does your child freak out when you take them to a dental clinic? Relax, that’s something normal! Even adults face the fear of dental procedures and take certain measures to overcome dental anxiety. Sometimes people even compromise on their dental health due to the fear of the dentist and dental procedures. But you cannot compromise your child’s oral health as the baby teeth form a healthy foundation for healthy permanent teeth. Here we walk you through the various methods on how to help your child overcome dental anxiety. 



Dental anxiety is the fear of visiting a dental clinic and getting dental treatments. This fear and stress get triggered by the sight of injections, drills and the other equipment at the dental clinic. The symptoms of dental anxiety include sweating, blood pressure dropping down and signs of panic.  



Have you heard that the fears developed in childhood retain for the entire life? It is, for this reason, do not instil the fear of anything like ghosts, insects, etc. in your child. The same goes for dental fear. If your child develops the fear of dental clinic in childhood, he/she would retain the anxiety even in the later years even after growing as an adult. 

If a dental defect is left untreated for a few days or months, it keeps worsening your dental health and decays your tooth to the extent of extracting the tooth. Because of dental fear, dental treatments keep delaying and spoil the child’s dental health badly. If the primary teeth get impacted, the permanent teeth will also get impacted, and the child will face dental troubles for the entire life. 



1.Open Up To Your Child About The Importance Of Dental Procedures 

Parents are the child’s best friends, and they trust them more than anyone else. Hence sit with your child and explain to them the importance of dental treatments. Tell them how bad a cavity can be for their dental health if left untreated. Educate them about dental health and hygiene. It’s natural for them to be fearful of the dental setups and equipment, hence make them understand the need for the procedures and equipment. When they realize the importance of dental procedures, they will not fear and give in to the dental visits. 


2.Understand Their Reason For Fear 

There are various reasons for dental fear ranging from the fear of injections, drills, pain, anesthesia, fear of fainting, etc. Talk to your child and try to understand the exact reason for their fear. After realizing the reason for their fear, explain to them the necessity of that equipment or anesthesia and show them videos that explain the procedures in a friendly manner.    


3.Take Them To A Kid-Friendly Dental Clinic 

Most Pedodontists or pediatric dentists have a kids-friendly setup at their dental clinic. There are cartoon wallpapers, play toys, simple rides and other things that interest the kids. Kids feel happy on seeing these things and forget the fear. Most pediatric dental clinics have an atmosphere that keeps the child entertained and distracted throughout the procedure. Even pediatric dentists have the skill of being friendly with the kids and treat dental defects while playing and laughing with them. Hence choosing the right dentist for your child is essential.  


Do not skip the dental routines of your child because regular dental checkups are vital for a child’s good dental health. Maybe lure them with an offer of gifting their favorite reward post visiting the dental clinic. Once they learn to overcome their dental anxiety, they will never fear dental visits and dental treatments. Visit Elite Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Tracy, California for painless dental treatments. We have the best dentists in the house to provide dental procedures and cosmetic dentistry that enhance your dental health.