29 April 2021


Most people fear going to a dental clinic, and because of the fear, they leave their dental defects untreated. Due to the fear, they keep extending the minor dental defects that result in severe dental disorders in future. Dentophobia is not only the fear of the dentist but the fear of the dangerous dental instruments used and the pain. Let’s find out more about dental anxiety and how to overcome it.

Dental anxiety is the fear or stress of visiting a dental clinic triggered by the injections, drills or the dental set-up at the dental clinics. The symptoms of dental anxiety range from sweating to lowering blood pressure, faster heartbeat, fainting and signs of panic. Dental fear or anxiety delays the dental treatments, and prolonged dental defects worsen the overall dental health.

Difference between Dental Fear & Dentophobia
If you are afraid of the pain caused by the dental procedure, it is known as dental fear. Whereas if you are so much frightened of dentist and dental clinic that even the mere mention of such words can initiate a panic attack in them, it is known as dentophobia. The intensity of fear is much higher when compared to the general fear of the dentist. However, the treatment procedures for both can be the same, but dentophobia requires more time to heal.

• A traumatic dental experience that incurred much pain
• Fear of the instruments like injections and drills
• Generalized anxiety or depression
• Heard of other’s traumatic experiences
• Anxiety disorders

It is necessary to overcome the dental fear because if you keep extending your dental defects, the dental health worsens. However, there are a few ways to overcome dental fear.
1. Exposure Therapy
The best way to conquer a fear is to face it. This theory applies well to the dental fear as well. If you are afraid of visiting a dental clinic and undergoing dental procedures, start by frequently visiting dental clinics though not for treatment but accompany your friends or family for their dental treatment. When you keep visiting the dental clinic often, you realize there is nothing to fear about. Gradually you will become comfortable and then go for a dental check-up, dental cleaning, X-rays and dental treatments.

2. Talk to Your Dentist
Be frank and openly speak to your dentist about your fear. Tell them exactly what do you fear about and how did you get that fear. When you inform them about your fear, they will try to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for you and guide you to cope with the fear. They will suggest better options to relieve the fear, like considering suitable sedation drugs to keep your mind calm during the dental procedure. Make sure you inform them if you’re allergic to any particular sedative drug.

3. Meditation
Meditation relieves all the pain, stress and anxiety. If you meditate with complete concentration, you feel like being transported to a world of peace. If you feel a sense of fear ringing over your nerves at the dental clinic, take a few deep breaths and try meditating for a couple of minutes. Drink some water and relax, you can also listen to your favorite music. There is nothing much to fear about dental clinics or dental procedures.

Try to follow the above methods to cope up with your dental fear. If you keep ignoring the dental visits and dental treatments, there are ample chances for your plaque, cavities and gum diseases to completely spoil your dental health. Timely dental visits will not only preserve your dental health but save your time, money and energy as well. Fear no more, and visit our dental clinic, The Elite Dental Care where we provide the best environment for the visitors to alleviate their dental anxiety. You can find more about our dental treatments and procedures on

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