Are You Aware of Braces? Why and Who Puts on Them? – Elite Dental Care Tracy


18 July 2020

Are You Aware of Braces? Why and Who Puts on Them? – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Are you aware of braces? Why and who puts on them?
Braces are the magical dental devices that put our teeth in order. While we think of braces, we fall in an awkward situation assuming of metal wires and brackets all over our teeth. We have overcome that trend, and now we are using the transparent braces, that blends well with the teeth colour and moulds with the shape of the teeth.


What are the concerns?
The most concerned people about the braces are the parents whose children are at the age of developing their natural teeth. They have a questionnaire about how the teeth will grow, and is there a need of braces for their kids

Here are a few insights about the braces:
To start with
What are Braces?
Braces are the dental instruments used in orthodontics to straighten the crooked, unshaped tooth/teeth. They align the tooth/teeth without any gaps and position them according to the bite of a person. Braces are essential for a person with shapeless teeth.

What are the materials used to make braces?
These braces come in different materials.
Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel braces are standard and traditional, which comes with many precautions and restrictions.
Modernized braces come in different materials like
Ceramic – glass-like composite material, has a cosmetic appeal.
Plastic Braces – They are transparent in texture and comprises of ceramic or fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate, braces will not be visible to others, and they are a hidden secret on the teeth.
Combination of both ceramic and plastic: Combo plays a duo role. These braces are transparent and flexible.
Plastic trays – Made of polypropylene, they mould as per the teeth structure. They are clear and removable for dental hygiene.

Who can use these braces?
In simple words, braces have no age limit. People of all ages can wear braces for proper alignment of their teeth.
As per research, few kids visit the dentist when they are at the age of 6, 7, or 10. However, preferably while the permanent teeth start growing in, we cannot assume if the teeth will grow in proper alignment and shape in children, that is the right time when the parents should consult their dentist and confirm the need for the braces for their children.
A fact of life is, as we grow older from the infant age, the jawbone in the mouth lengthens and expands, so we cannot predict the shape and look of our teeth before they grow.
Experts say that, as long as we have a healthy jawbone and gums, we can wear braces at any age to straighten our teeth and treat our crowded, crooked, and unshaped teeth.

Do these braces differ with age?
The size and shape of the braces have no concern with age. The braces are customized in the lab and crafted as per the available space, shape, and size of the mouth of the patient. The age of the patient is not a concern to fit in the braces. The primary concern is the psychological reaction of the children and adults while they are getting the braces.
For example, Children or teenagers feel excited and curious about wearing braces and assume that they are a capable grown-up people.
It is necessary to balance the psychological expectations by prior counseling about the braces and its procedure. A few kids and adults undergo anxiety on how the braces look on their teeth, and how will the braces transform their visual appearance.

What is the cost of these magical braces?
The cost depends upon the life of the braces, and the depth of the adjustment needed in the individuals. The deeper the adjustment, the longer time the braces will be on the teeth of the individuals. Whenever we consult our orthodontist for braces, we should get a detailed estimation of the treatment.

Magic of Technology: Say good-bye to Brace face
Initially, the braces treatment was complicated, painful, and lasted for years together, and now all thanks to the emerging technology. We are into “Accelerated Orthodontics”, where we have dental appliances that have faster tooth movements. Kevin McGrath of Oakton Family Orthodontics says the treatment that took 2 to 3 yrs for adults now takes 10 to 18 months using these accelerated dental appliances.

Here are the three dental appliances shortens the treatment time and lead to accelerated orthodontics:

  1. Acceledent:

Acceledent has low-frequency vibrations. They get deep into the roots and surrounding bone of the teeth and speeds up the cellular activity, this speeds up the movement of the teeth.
Acceledent is FDA approved and speeds up the treatment up to 50%.
Use this device for 20 mins before going to bed.
It looks similar to a mouthguard and perfectly fits the braces on the teeth.

  1. Orthopulse: 

FDA approved Orthopulse in 2015. The device uses a process called Photo biomodulation. It uses light radiations instead of vibrations and targets the roots and bone of the teeth for its fast movement.
The patient bites down the device to activate the light.

  1. Propel Excellerator:

It is a one-time treatment but depends on the case severity. This device creates tiny holes called micro-osteoperforations in the bone around the roots of the teeth creating an inflammatory response that stimulates the bone.
As per the study conducted by New York in 2013, patients reported no discomfort and pain using this device.
If you observe any disorder in your teeth, do not panic, there are simple treatments that will not put you in awkward situations, but enhance your looks, and give you a beautiful smile. All thanks to the evolving technology for simplifying the complicated things and making our lives easier.
Look for the right orthodontist for your family, to cure you at the right time, and give you a bright future and smile!!!