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29 October 2020

Can you Brush Your Teeth too Hard – ELITE DENTAL CARE TRACY

One of the best keys for dental health is brushing twice a day, and this discipline also keeps a dentist away from your life. Every parent must instill the brushing habit twice a day in their children from the initial phase of their life for their oral and overall health. It is essential to brush twice a day, but are there any rules to follow while brushing? An experienced dentist Dr. Singh at Elite Dental Care, says, yes!! He suggests these tips for healthy brushing.

Here are a few tips on how to brush your teeth to keep them healthy.

  1. Use a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth.
  2. Hold your toothbrush at 45 degrees angle to the gum line and slide it slightly under the gums.
  3. Brush the surface of the teeth by moving it sensitively back and forth in a circular motion using light pressure.
  4. Move your toothbrush inside and outside of the teeth to clean them thoroughly.
  5. Do not forget to tongue clean and remove the bacteria to keep your breath fresh.

Every day, brush your teeth twice for two minutes and floss your teeth regularly to keep them healthy. Dentists recommend not to overbrush, put pressure, or brush hard on the teeth.

What happens if you overbrush or brush hard on your teeth?

Dentists recommend brushing the teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush. If you use a harsh bristle brush, you will not obtain healthy teeth. Instead, you will damage the health, look, and structure of the teeth. One of the misconceptions that people have behind brushing hard or overbrushing is that – they are trying to kill the microbial bacteria in the mouth, which is not true as these bacteria are beneficial to your health and, in a few instances, essential for your survival. We have seven million bacteria in our mouth, which is almost equal to the number of people living on the planet. The fact is that we brush intending to remove the remained food particles, accumulated bacteria, or plaque from our teeth.

Here are a few facts that your teeth go through by overbrushing or brushing too hard:

  1. Brushing the teeth with a stiff, coarse, bristled brush can damage, wear down the gums, and the teeth hosts dental issues like gum recession and enamel wear, which results in tooth sensitivity.
  2. Brushing hard will tear the enamel and reach the sensitive tissues in the pulp and damages the whole teeth, which might need a root canal treatment or lead to tooth extraction in rare cases.
  3. Enamel is the first protective layer. If it tears off due to harsh brushing, the teeth weaken and expose the second layer of dentin, and discolors the teeth.
  4. Harsh brushing cause trauma in the teeth, which deteriorates the health of the teeth and cause dental issues.
  5. If harsh brushing continues for years, teeth become extremely weak, and there is nothing of the teeth called cervical abrasion, and a few instances lead to fracture of the teeth.
  6. Brushing the teeth hardly moves the gums away and exposes the roots of the teeth.

How do you notice that you are brushing your teeth hard:

Life of toothbrush:

If you want to watch over the symptoms of brushing hard or overbrushing is initially check the texture of the bristles of your brush. If the bristles are damaged or change its color after using it for a long time, then it’s time to change your old brush. However, if the new toothbrush bristles spoil earlier than expected, then either you are overbrushing or brushing hard.

Receding Gums:

If you brush hard or overbrush, your gums will start receding due to the damage in the gum tissues. The symptom for receding gums is that it exposes the entire teeth which are covered by the gums before they recede, and in a few instances, the roots of the teeth will also be visible, which is not safe.

Unattractive Smile:

Enamel is the protective layer of the teeth. The shine in your teeth is due to this layer. If you overbrush or brush hard, your enamel will lose quality, weakens, and the white color fades away gradually. Your smile becomes dull, and the teeth will be more prone to dental issues like bacteria accumulation, cavities, etc.

Tooth sensitivity:

If your enamel tears due to overbrushing, hard brushing of the teeth, the second sensitive layer called dentin is exposed, which is beneath the enamel and causes slight pain in the teeth whenever you intake hot or cold beverages, and this is called tooth sensitivity. Generally, people perceive that overbrushing or brushing hard will give them dental health, but, unfortunately, no!!! Because too much of anything is dangerous to health, which includes even good habits. Consult your dentist immediately as and when you observe changes or feel something is not right with your teeth. Treatment in the initial stages of the dental issues is beneficial and cures better!!!

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