The Effects of Cigarettes on your Teeth
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24 April 2024

The Effects of Cigarettes on your Teeth

Have you ever wondered the effects of Cigarettes on your teeth? Cigarette smoking compromises dental health in multiple ways. To begin with, smokers are twice at risk of discoloring and staining their teeth.  

That is not all, male tobacco users are three and half times more likely to lose teeth while for female smokers, the risk is two and half times more than their non-smoking peers.  

The effects of cigarettes on your teeth are far-reaching and can cause everything from discoloration to loss of teeth. Cigarette smoking also causes gum disease.  

More alarming is the fact that smokers are ten times more likely at risk of contracting oral cancer than those who don’t smoke at all. To add to it, tobacco consumption harms the immune system, reducing the healing process after smokers go through dental treatments.  

Apart from hurting your health, smoking most likely affects your smile when the chemicals in cigarettes, such as Nicotine, cause your teeth to turn yellow or brown, reducing their attractiveness.  

In fact, most smokers can notice stains on teeth within a few months of regular tobacco usage. To prevent it, quit smoking altogether. If not, follow the solutions suggested here.   

Brush your teeth twice a day using a fine toothbrush along with teeth-whitening toothpaste. Regular smokers may find it effective to brush even thrice daily to get rid of stains.  

If the stains are deep, it is essential to go through a professional whitening treatment. These treatments make use of products that consist of active ingredients that effectively go after ingrained discoloration and rid you of it. 

There are other adverse effects of smoking on your dental health and your general health at large. It is better to be mindful of them if you smoke, even occasionally.