The Most Common Dental Problems – Elite Dental Care Tracy


30 May 2020

The Most Common Dental Problems – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you observe any changes in your teeth? Are you anxious to know about the most common dental problems in people?
Dental problem is often seen in people, but it is never fun to have it, and fortunately, the good news is we can cure these problems with suitable prevention tips and advanced treatment methods in very little time.

We know this famous quote that says, “a smile is a beautiful weapon that resolves big wars.”
For a beautiful smile, one ought to have a properly aligned healthy white teeth to live a happy and confident life.
It means oral health also play a vital role in the human’s life along with physical health, therefore always follow the saying, “brush twice a day to keep your dentist away.”
Some people panic from going to the dentist due to dental phobia, bear the teeth pain, neglect dental problems, and hesitate to go to the doctor.
They will reach a stage where small dental issues become big and lead to tooth extraction.

Few common dental problems:
Tooth Sensitivity:  
It causes when the dentine (the inner layer of the teeth) gets exposed due to enamel tear or receding gums.
You love ice creams and cool drinks?  but as soon as you sip them, are you experiencing some sensation in your teeth?
Yes!! this sensation is tooth sensitivity.
Tooth sensitivity is common in people of all ages, and sometimes it also causes when you expose your teeth to open air for a little while. It is preferably common.
If there is any discomfort or pain in the teeth, visit your dentist immediately to get the treatment and enjoy eating your favourite food.

Bad Breath: 
Having bad breath is an embarrassing situation for anybody. Bad breath is also known as Halitosis. It causes due to the presence of bacteria, inflammation, gum diseases, dry mouth, etc.
To avoid or cure this condition, maintain oral hygiene, drink a lot of water, use recommended mouthwashes.
If the issue persists, see your dentist and try to solve the underlying problem.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding):
It is the most common habit some people have. Grinding the teeth while they sleep, or in stress, and this habit results in headaches, broken/chipped teeth, insomnia, and other disorders.
Wearing a mouthguard can prevent this habit and sustain your dental health.
Take advice from your doctor.

Tooth Decay:
Tooth decay happens when plaque formed on the teeth combines with the sticky, fibre, and starchy foods we eat.
Acids generated due to this combination weakens the enamel of the teeth and damages if left untreated.
If the enamel tears off, one has to take this problem seriously as the treatment involves root canal, crown, or fillings.
To avoid this situation, brush and floss your teeth regularly and schedule regular dental check-ups.

Stained teeth:
We get stained teeth if we consume colored food, tobacco, or due to inflammation on teeth, trauma, etc.
Regular cleaning and flossing can avoid the staining of teeth, or many teeth whitening treatments are done at the dentist’s office as they are not very complicated.

Tips to prevent dental problems:

  1. Clean and floss your teeth regularly.
  2. Do not eat sugary, colored foods, and junk foods.
  3. Do not miss your regular dental check-ups.
  4. Try to use toothpaste and dental products rich in fluoride.
  5. Check the fluoride levels in the water, do not take excess fluoride as it leads to fluorosis.


To keep up your confidence and gorgeous smile, always maintain your oral hygiene.

A famous axiom says healthy teeth is not a destination, it is a way of living.