What are the Treatments for Crowded Teeth?
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26 October 2022

What are the Treatments for Crowded Teeth?


Most dental problems can be treated and dental crowding is no exception. Depending upon the cause of the concern and the age of the patient this treatment can be done. There are many ways in which this can be cured. Though it is a long process and takes months and sometimes years to fix, crowded teeth treatments are some of the common ones in the dental field. 


What is Dental Crowding?  


Dental crowding is the misalignment of teeth that is caused due to various factors. People with small mouth tend to experience crowded teeth as there is less space for growing ones. The ideal alignment of the teeth is such that there is just the right amount of space between the teeth and the upper teeth just touch the lower ones. This alignment ensures enough space for growing teeth without crowding and overlapping. 


Dental Crowding can be mild, moderate, and severe. This degree of misalignment decides the kind of treatment a person needs to undergo to fix it.  


There are many kinds of treatments for dental crowding. Depending upon the age, cause of the concern, and many other factors the appropriate treatment is given by a dentist. Here are some common teeth crowding treatments by a licensed and experienced orthodontist. 


  1. Braces: These are the most widely used option for treatments. Braces are chosen by people of all ages who want to fix their smile and bite. They are different kinds of braces fixed on the teeth like ceramic, metal, and clear braces. This treatment takes months and sometimes years to fix the misalignment. It can get slightly painful while fixing and tightening the same. 
  2. Invisalign treatment: These are the latest invention and are also gaining popularity. They are discreet and invisible making them the best option for people conscious of their appearance. They are considered way more excellent compared to the traditional ones in terms of speed and efficiency. This is relatively less painful as well.
  3. Extraction: This is not a standard treatment given for teeth crowding. Severe teeth crowding where more teeth overlap causing misalignment. If an orthodontist believes tooth extraction needs to be done, the patient is referred to an oral surgeon who does the required extraction job. After extraction, the teeth are adjusted and moved to ensure proper alignments without any gaps in between them. 
  4. Dental Veneers: This treatment is given to people with moderate dental crowding. They are customized shells that are fixed on the tooth to match the height of the adjacent tooth. This is made in the same color as the remaining teeth for a better appearance. Veneers are slightly more expensive than braces and Invisalign treatment but require lesser dentist visits.   


Treatment for crowded teeth is done for aesthetic as well as functional reasons. For both these reasons, there are appropriate treatments, thus people are advised to talk to a professional orthodontist and choose the right option.