Are electric toothbrushes worth the hype?
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1 September 2022

Are electric toothbrushes worth the hype?

A toothbrush is the single most important tool required to maintain your dental health. Brushing twice a day is strongly suggested by every dentist and hence the toothbrush used should be of utmost importance.  


There are a different variety of toothbrushes available in the market for every age group. Manual and Electric are the two basic classifications of toothbrushes that are based on the operation and many other types of toothbrushes with different bristles sizes, the softness of the bristles, etc.  


All these plethora of options that are available in the market can be overwhelming when choosing one. However, of late electric toothbrushes are gaining popularity considering their efficiency and longevity.  


The question this blog is going to address is the very worth of the electric toothbrush having all the required properties. Here are the pros and cons of this toothbrush.  


Pros of Electric Toothbrush 


  1. Efficiency: The electric toothbrushes come in different sizes and bristle softness. These toothbrushes access every corner of the mouth and provide deep cleaning of the teeth and the vibrating mechanisms ensure complete removal of plaque and any kind of bacteria.
  2. Small Head size: Most of the toothbrushes come with small head sizes. Hence they can reach the very corners of the mouth and help in the efficient removal of food particles and any buildup of bacteria. This smoothens the entire process and improves the overall maintenance of teeth.  
  3. Inbuilt Timer: Some of the electric toothbrushes come with a timer which helps to stick to the two minute rule of brushing your teeth every day. Many dentists suggest two minutes of brushing twice a day for optimal care against tooth decay and plaque. 
  4. Ideal for people with limited mobility: Electric toothbrushes require negligible manual effort and hence are an ideal option for people with limited mobility or joint pains.
  5. Spare heads: This toothbrush comes with detachable heads and thus a new one need not be purchased after using one for a considerable time. The head can be replaced with a new one. This is also seen as a sustainable option.  


Cons of Electric Toothbrush: 


  1. Expensive: Since this toothbrush has many inbuilt features it is slightly expensive compared to the manual one but lasts longer. An electric toothbrush is seen as an investment rather than a purchase.
  2. Availability: There are not widely available in the market like the manual toothbrushes.  


Wrap Up! 


The wide availability of this product in the market with a lot of different varieties gives us enough choice to choose the right kind of toothbrush for us. Depending upon our preferences and requirements a good electric toothbrush can be chosen.  


The above pros and cons can be considered and if the pros weigh better then an electric toothbrush can be a great choice.