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31 October 2020

Importance of flossing with Braces – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Importance of flossing with Braces:

A smile is a spot of attraction in every person, and its beauty lies in the structure and health of the teeth that is – a straight aligned white and sparkling teeth. The secret of healthy teeth is proper oral care and regular professional dental check-ups. Oral care implies brushing daily and flossing regularly with professional dental products. To skip the brushing or flossing of the teeth is to harm your oral and overall health.

We come across people who have good oral health, yet they hesitate and get embarrassed to speak or smile in public due to an improper structure of their teeth. A few have gaps in the teeth, some people have crooked, or crowded teeth, which makes them feel embarrassed about their visual appearance. For such people, braces are the best treatment to align the teeth straight and add beauty. Dentists used various materials to design the braces that consist of brackets and wires that occupy the whole teeth, put pressure, and position them. However, people with braces must take extra oral care. Flossing of the teeth regularly becomes essential with braces or the remained food particles or debris hides in the brackets and wires, which turns into bacteria resulting in poor oral care and dental issues.

Here are the five reasons which prove why flossing is essential with braces:

For healthy teeth:

When there are braces on the teeth, the unchewed food, sugars, or sticky substances stick and hide in them, and if they are not flossed or cleaned, they later turn into bacteria and results in gum diseases or other dental issues.

Enamel Health:

Braces are attached to the top layer of teeth called enamel. If you do not floss regularly, it weakens the protective layer leads to its wear and tear if and discolors the teeth.

Prevents Tooth decay:

If you do not floss regularly, the remained food particles, debris, form into cavities and cause permanent damage leading to tooth decay.

Flossing prevents tooth decay.

Freshens your breath:

Poor oral health leads to bad breath due to the presence of infections, bacteria, etc. in the teeth.

Regularly flossing nourishes good dental health and freshens your breath.

Health risks:

The bacteria in the teeth, if untreated, enter into the bloodstream and cause health risks like heart attacks, kidneys failure, and diabetes.

The food particles get settled down in the teeth for people with braces. Flossing prevents the accumulation of bacteria, prevents health risks, and promotes dental health.

Note: You should not observe blood in your teeth while flossing. If you see the blood, it implies you are not flossing correctly.

Consult your dentist to know the rite process for flossing and follow the same.

Flossing should become a ritual in your daily routine for oral health and overall health.

Take extra time and do the flossing while with braces as you will have to knit the floss through each bracket to knock out the bacteria from the teeth.


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