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31 August 2019

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth –
Do you experience any twinge in the tooth when you eat or drink anything with extreme temperatures? Or feel this twinge when you smile and your tooth is exposed to cool air for a while?
This type of sensation is called as tooth sensitivity, which is a very common and not a very serious problem.
It is seen mostly in people of all ages.
As a doctor I say “Limit your tooth problems but never limit your smile.”
These must be some of the main causes that cause tooth sensitivity
Tooth Sensitivity:
When our teeth is exposed to open air, or food substances at different temperatures like too cool, too hot, acidic, or sweet, it causes pain in the tooth and it is called as tooth sensitivity.
This pain is very sharp and lasts for seconds of time, it is a temporary pain.
This problem can be improved and cured within no time.

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth1

                                     Tooth Sensitivity

What causes Tooth sensitivity:
There are many causes that results in tooth sensitivity, which are our daily routines and we can overcome the Sensitivity problem by taking small precautions.

1.Exposure of Dentin Layer:
In a healthy teeth, Dentin is an important layer covered by another layer called Enamel.
Dentin is softer layer than enamel.
If the enamel is torn out and dentin is exposed to air or food substances with extreme temperatures it causes tooth sensitivity as dentin is connected to the nerve that triggers pain.

Exposure of Dentin Layer

                                                                   Exposure of Dentin Layer

2.Decay around the edges:
As we grow older, fillings around the teeth weaken or leak and it is easy for the bacteria to get accumulated and cause inflammation in these small gaps which results in the enamel breakdown and exposes the dentin layer that results in tooth sensitivity.
To avoid this, we do fillings in the gaps and save the teeth from getting attacked with bacteria again.

3.A hard tooth brush:
If we brush very harshly and forcefully with hard-bristled tooth brush, all the protective layers like canals, dental nerves of the tooth get worn down and direct exposure of the dentin to air or other extremities result in tooth sensitivity.
If tooth inflammation, gingivitis is untreated it leads to serious problem called periodontitis.
To avoid all this we have to select a tooth brush with soft bristles and brush very gently.

4.Toothpaste selection:
Nowadays Tooth paste manufacturing companies are adding harmful tooth whitening chemicals to their tooth paste formulas to impress and attract the consumers.
These types of tooth pastes are very harmful, they weaken the protective layers of dentin and results in tooth sensitivity.
5.Grinding tooth:
Some people have the habit of grinding their teeth very often which decreases the strength of Enamel and exposes the dentin that results in tooth sensitivity.
To get rid of this habit of grinding teeth as a doctor I recommend you to wear a mouth guard.
The best mouth guard will be customized as per the fitting of the patient’s bite.
6.Cracked tooth:
Presence of Cracked tooth allows the bacteria to get accumulated very fast, which causes inflammation, leads to infections and weakens the protective layers of the tooth which exposes the dentin and leads in tooth sensitivity.

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth3

                                                    Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Remedies for Tooth Sensitivity:

  1. Using Soft bristled brush to brush the teeth.
  2. Avoid acidic foods.
  3. Use Fluoridated and activated charcoal tooth paste.
  4. Use fluoridated mouth wash.
  5. Do not keep tooth hydrated for long time.
  6. Visit your doctor for any small abnormalities observed in the mouth.
  7. Presence of sufficient amount of calcium is important for the bone strength not only for the jaw bones but for the bones in whole human body.

We dental doctors strictly recommend these remedies to avoid long procedural medical treatments or complicated Dental surgeries.

Treatments available for Sensitive tooth:

     1.Fluoride application:
Our dentist might apply fluoride to fill in the small gaps formed which might decrease or remove the pain.
Dentist might recommend a desensitizing toothpaste which removes the problem of tooth sensitivity.
     3.Root Canal: When other curing techniques fail, doctor might recommend a root canal treatment which is a small procedure done in the tooth’s soft core (dental pulp).
     4.Surgical Gum Graft:
If there is a small gum tissue missing then the doctor removes a small gum tissue from elsewhere in the body and fills in the missing place in the teeth this reduces the tooth sensitivity.
Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem, it can be avoided by following small remedies at home.