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22 November 2023


Tooth avulsion, the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket, can be a painful and traumatic experience. Whether it’s due to a sports injury, accident, or any other reason, prompt and proper treatment is crucial. Here’s what you need to know about tooth avulsion treatment: 

QUICK ACTION: Time is of the essence. After 30 minutes, the chances of successfully re-implanting an avulsed tooth diminish considerably. Pick up the tooth by the crown (the top part) if feasible, and avoid contacting the root. 

RINSE GENTLY: If the tooth is dirty, thoroughly clean it with cold milk or saline solution. Do not scrub or use soap, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, as these can damage the tooth. 

RE-IMPLANT THE TOOTH: If possible, try to replace the tooth in its socket. Bite down softly on a soft cloth to keep it in place. If re-implantation is not an option, keep the tooth in milk or with a tooth preservation kit. 

SEEK IMMEDIATE DENTAL CARE: Contact a dentist or go to an emergency dental facility right away. The dentist will evaluate the tooth’s condition and may splint it to adjacent teeth for stability. 

FOLLOW-UP: After the initial treatment, follow your dentist’s advice for pain relief, antibiotics, and further dental procedures, such as root canal therapy or dental restoration. 

When dealing with tooth avulsion, remember that prompt action and competent care are essential. There’s a chance you can save your teeth and keep your smile if you take the appropriate actions.