Importance of Replacing the Lost Tooth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


15 June 2020

Importance of Replacing the Lost Tooth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you have a tooth missing, and wondering if you want to replace it or not?
The answer is yes!!  It is important to replace your missing tooth asap.
The beautiful smile that you wear is because of the white, beautiful, and healthy teeth.
Teeth are never outdated, and always in styles, so maintain oral hygiene for an everlasting smile and stand in the trend.
However busy are you in your life, never neglect, any small discomfort in your teeth. These minor abnormalities leads to tooth loss or tooth extraction.
A few facts that you experience when you do not replace your missing teeth.

Top 5 important factors that persuade to replace the missing teeth:
We lose Tooth/teeth due to several reasons like tooth decay, trauma, periodontal disease, or genetics, etc.

  1. Replacement of missing teeth is a must, or your jawbone would deteriorate or lose its strength to hold the teeth as it gets reabsorbed by your body. Later, if you wish to have your teeth back, it is possible, but it takes a few procedures to strengthen the jawbone and form a new bone. After bone augmentation, surgeons screw up the implants and place the artificial teeth.
  2. When your tooth is lost and not replaced immediately in a few months, your aesthetic demand becomes a challenge. Your cheeks would shrink, and you would lose the shape of your face. It affects your appearance and your living.
  3. If you have a missing tooth, it would disturb the gums of the surrounding teeth and leads to tooth loss. Leaving the gums unoccupied for a long time is giving shelter for bacteria, inflammation, cavities, etc. If these issues are untreated, it leads to further complications.
  4. Missing teeth decreases the self-esteem in the individual. It affects the social life of an individual. It affects the mental health of people, drags them into depression and anxiety disorders. Recent studies state that there is a strong bonding between the oral health and mental health of people.
  5. After losing the teeth, when the missed teeth space gets in contact with the opposite arch, it leads to problems like loose teeth, fracture, mobility, shifting in surrounding teeth, gum problems, and loss of healthy neighbouring teeth.

People with missing teeth have food restrictions. They cannot eat all types of food, as it causes the deficiency of vitamins and minerals affecting their physical and oral health.
Treatment of Tooth loss is taking the utmost oral care of your oral health. Observe the changes in your dentition, try few home remedies, to cure them. If you cannot bear the pain, and in case of excess bleeding, find your dentist, and get the appropriate dental treatment.
A healthy smile is always a great asset to people. It transforms our looks.
Bad breath takes you away from your friends and the people around you. It is an alert that you have to take extra oral care to treat bad breath and maintain oral hygiene.
Dentures are one of the best gift by the evolving technology to the dentistry department.
These dentures, dental implants are planted into the jaw bone to place the artificial teeth in patients and bring back their gorgeous smile.
The percentage of usage of dentures is increasing very rapidly. Research states that 37.5 million people approximately are wearing the dentures in 2020.
In 1990, 33.6 million people wore dentures.
It is exciting to know the number of people wearing dentures did not reduce. Instead, the number has increased.
People!!! Let’s target to decrease this number by taking oral care and preserving our precious teeth.

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