Is It Safe To Get My Teeth Cleaned During COVID-19 – Elite Dental Care Tracy


18 September 2020

Is It Safe To Get My Teeth Cleaned During COVID-19 – Elite Dental Care Tracy

COVID 19 is a pandemic causing terror and prevailing all over the world from a few months now.
Our government has taken various measures to restrict the spread of the COVID 19 and save the people and country from the virus.
Lockdown was one of the best restrictions to control Corona and save people from being affected.
Doctors and people from the sanitization department were continuously serving the affected people to cure or save them from the pandemic during the lockdown.
Now, we have relaxed from lockdown, and people are coming on to the roads to fulfil their basic needs a few corporates have started working full time.
However, hospitals are full of patients and have become risky to visit for common people. Therefore, we find many people with health issues who are in a dilemma if they can visit the dental hospital for treatment or not!!
As per the government rules, all the health consultations are happening online since the lockdown. Doctors are assisting and give medications to their patients virtually by watching them live and assessing the issue by listening to their symptoms.
Doctors suggest their patients not to visit the hospitals unless it is an emergency, as it is a challenge to visit any hospital for treatment in the pandemic situation.
However, dentists are opening their hospitals with protective gear and necessary precautions for emergency dental visits.
If you want to visit a dental hospital to clean your teeth, there are a few precautions to be checked out to stay safe and avoid infections and viral attacks.

  1. Clinics should carry out thorough thermal screening.
  2. Confirm if they are giving the disposable gowns to the patients.
  3. You have to check the standards of sterilization on the furniture, dental instruments, and people in the clinic.
  4. Do not compromise with the sanitization levels. Observe if the doctors and other staff are sanitizing themselves and wearing masks.
  5. Count the frequency of the crowd entering into the hospital and cabins.
  6. Observe if the people at the hospital are checking the temperature of the patients.

Safety measures you have to follow while you visit the dental clinics or any hospital for yours and others safety.

  1. Space out the appointments.
  2. Wear a mask, and do not remove until you feel safe.
  3. Carry a sanitizer with you to sanitize your hands as and when you touch anything.
  4. Mention your travel history to the doctors.
  5. Let the doctors know if you have been around the COVID 19 patients.
  6. Do not reach the hospital early. Be at the hospital at the time of appointment.
  7. Do not take many people with you, especially children.
  8. Maintain social distancing in the hospital.
  9. Wait until the doctor calls you in for the check-up.
  10. Avoid touching anything inside the hospital like toys, magazines, handles of the doors, etc.

These are must-follow measures, as we know that Coronavirus is airborne and spreads through respiratory droplets when anybody coughs or sneezes the germs release and fly if you happen to inhale it, you will get infected immediately.
The virus is present in mucus and saliva as well, that is why doctors check your mucus and saliva, to confirm if you are affected by Corona or not!!
Follow these measures and do not visit any hospitals and dental clinics unless it is an emergency.
Stay home and follow all the above measures to stay safe whenever you step out.