Top Ten Tips to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces – Elite Dental Care Tracy


3 July 2020

Top Ten Tips to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Smile is a precious and priceless accessory everybody can wear!!! To have a beautiful and shining smile, you need to invest some amount of hard work and discipline into your routine.
Healthy teeth need 70% of personal care and 30% of orthodontic treatment depending upon the oral issues.
Research records that 70% of the population in the US need some form of oral treatment.
One of the common oral issues that we come across in patients of all the ages in our hospital is crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth.
We, dentists, suggest braces as the best treatment to align or straighten the teeth, but we find many hesitant patients to wear braces.
They arise many queries about braces or ask for an alternative solution.

A few queries by patients:
Do braces straighten your teeth?
Braces are the dental devices that allow flexible treatment in parallel with the response of your teeth.
They apply pressure and shift the teeth gradually to shape and align the teeth.

Is there any alternative for braces?
Yes, there are multiple alternatives for braces that straighten or align your teeth.

Is it safe to straighten our teeth at home without braces? 
It is inadvisable to try remedies at home without the supervision of the doctor, as it might affect your gum line, put a strain on the roots of the teeth, and damage your teeth forever.

Here are the top ten tips to treat your crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth without braces:

  1. Dental Veneers:

The dental veneer is one of the best substitutes for metal braces in cosmetic dentistry.
Porcelain veneers are one of the best dental veneers that give a natural look to the teeth, resist stains, and have a long life.
These veneers treat crooked, misaligned, chipped, coloured, and gaps between the teeth and need a replacement every five to ten years.
Veneers help us to smile with confidence.

  1. Invisalign:

Invisalign is a transparent plastic retainer used instead of metal braces. The colour of the retainer blends well with the colour of the teeth and flexible to use. These aligners can be pulled out whenever needed, and worn for 20 to 22 years per day. Dentists customize the Invisalign as per the size and structure of the teeth of the patient.
These aligners are invisible and remain a secret with you.

  1. Retainers:

Dentists prescribe the retainers after the treatment of metal braces. However, adults require minimal corrections of the teeth. So, they can use the Retainers to straighten the teeth, instead of metal braces, and also significantly retainers cost less than metal braces.

  1. Palatal expanders:

Palatal expanders are flexible and fit to both in children and adults.
Dentists fix these expanders on the top arch of the teeth. They gently push the teeth apart, apply pressure to align them straight, and give proper shape to the teeth.
These aligners mostly suit children and young adults whose jaw bone is still growing.

  1. Herbst appliance:

A Herbst appliance corrects the misaligned jaw. It is a metal device glued to the rings of the top and bottom of the teeth.
These braces help in the growth of a strong jawbone with proper shape and mostly used to treat children.

  1. Incognito Hidden Braces:

The incognito Hidden Braces give comfort to the conscious people who are uncomfortable to wear metal braces.
Attachment of these fancy braces is at the backside of the teeth, so the visibility is hidden.
Dentists say that Incognito Hidden Braces is the best solution to straighten the teeth of the self-conscious patients.

  1. Headgear:

Headgear is a dental appliance that puts pressure on the upper teeth in the jaw and treats extreme overbites. It tightly holds the teeth and positions them to obtain a proper shape.
For a quick and proper treatment with headgear, patients should strictly follow the instructions given by the orthodontist.
Headgear looks similar to metal braces, however a viable option to use instead of metal braces.

  1. Restorative crowns:

A restorative crown covers the chipped, crooked, or broken teeth and aligns them straight without using the metal braces.
Dentists customize the crowns as per the shape and size of the patients’ teeth before bonding them into the patients’ dentition.

  1. Contouring and bonding:

Contouring and bonding treat minor misalignments or chipped teeth.
Initially, dentists shape the teeth using dental tools, and then contour and bond with tooth colour fillings wherever needed to lengthen, widen, replace the damaged or missing teeth.

  1. Impression Invisible aligners:

Impression Invisible aligners are a thoughtful way to straighten your teeth at home without metal braces.
These aligners are medical level plastic material moulded as per the 3d scan of your teeth.
These are invisible and smiling friendly braces that treat the shape of your teeth.

Good teeth alignment and shining teeth help us to bite evenly, chew the food, and gives us the confidence to smile without hesitation.
Doctors suggest, do not try any treatments at home without the advice or supervision of the concerned doctor.
Everybody dream of a perfect and healthy smile!!!
Metal braces, and these other alternatives invisibly help you straighten and align your teeth in a proper position.

Note: You should not try to straighten your teeth by yourself at home without the suggestion or the supervision of your orthodontist.

Get the treatment on time with a rite dentist and stay healthy!!!