What is an Implant Overdenture?
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29 April 2022

What is an Implant Overdenture?

Teeth can be lost and broken at any age, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy your favorite food after losing a tooth or you cannot smile freely. If one or more than one tooth is missing, you must go for the overdenture that fits and performs better than a standard denture with the help of implants. Many experts believe that overdenture is the best option for your lost tooth, and this procedure has easily refilled the space of the lost teeth.  

Let’s have a look at what an implant overdenture actually is: 


What is an implant overdenture? 


As you all know, traditional dentures begin with extracting the teeth and fitting with a temporary fit denture. You can acquire your permanent denture when you have healed from the tooth extraction. You have to remove this denture every night before sleep and adhere it to the roof of your mouth using glue. To avoid dislodging your dentures, you may need to adjust your diet to prevent hard, crunchy food that requires chewing more than regular chewing. 

On the other hand, your lower or upper teeth can easily replace with the implant overdenture. Implant overdentures, unlike ordinary dentures, have a base in the mouth. These dentures contain connectors that allow them to be snapped onto implants in your jaw.  

These implants keep your dentures in place until you take them out at night. The implant overdenture sits firmly in your mouth, and you do not have to adjust your diet to adapt your dentures.  

You would not have to worry about them slipping out to position during meals or moving when you are conversing. Furthermore, the implants keep the jawbone from deteriorating over time. 


Who is eligible to wear an implant overdenture? 


One advantage of implant overdentures over other implant treatments is that they require no more than two implants for the bottom teeth and four implants for the top teeth. Because you do not need implants to replace every tooth, the dentist can locate the most excellent bone density for implant placement.  

This procedure reduces the possibility of requiring a bone transplant before implant placement. If you want to enjoy your favorite food, you must go to your dentist and have an implant overdenture. As you know, with this procedure, you do not need to follow the traditional protocol with this.  


What is the process for an implant overdenture? 


The process of acquiring an overdenture begins with removing any remaining teeth that must be extracted. They can then place the implant bases in your mouth. You may require a temporary denture while you recover from this treatment. 

However, you can obtain your permanent overdenture when your implants heal, and the bone in your jaw adjusts around the bases to secure them firmly in place. 

Your dentist will ensure that they understand your situation. Initially, they will thoroughly check all your details personally and conclude what procedure will be performed or the best for you. If you have any doubt, you can freely ask the dentist any questions you may have. They have to give accurate answers to you.  


How many types of implant overdenture are available? 


Depending on your demands and budget, overdenture implants can be set or detachable. Both varieties are much more comfortable and aesthetic than traditional dentures, and they assist in enhancing a person’s dental health by avoiding future bone loss and meeting nutritional requirements. 

  • Fixed implant-supported overdenture. 
  • Overdenture partials. 
  • Ball retained implant-supported overdentures. 
  • Implant-supported overdenture. 
  • Bar controlled implant-supported overdenture. 

These are above-mentioned; the dentist most uses an implant overdenture after checking the patient’s health condition. 


What are the benefits of implant overdentures? 


  • Saving your natural roots or having dental implants inserted can maintain bone and significantly prevent bone resorption and degradation, which results in jawbone height reduction? 
  • Implant overdentures will regulate the changes in face shape that cause premature wrinkles and ageing. 
  • You will be able to chew your food more effectively and speak more clearly with implant overdentures. Overdentures have been shown in studies to increase chewing efficiency and phonetics. 
  • Dentures that are too loose and cause humiliation will be removed. Denture implants eliminate the need for messy denture creams and adhesives. 


What is the cost of implant overdentures?  


The cost of the implant overdenture varies based on the type of dental specialist. It is entirely up to the treatment your dentist follows according to your health. But typically, an overdenture cost is up to $25,000. 




The implant overdenture treatment is one of the therapies for individuals who have a few teeth left or who are entirely edentulous with or without a traditional complete denture. With this treatment, you will have enhanced stability, robust new teeth, and a high level of satisfaction with new teeth. Happy smile!