Chocolates can make your kid smile but leave the tooth fragile – Elite Dental Care Tracy


11 September 2020

Chocolates can make your kid smile but leave the tooth fragile – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Chocolates!!! Yummy!!!! A fantasy of kids and adults.
Who doesn’t love chocolates? It is a challenging task to stay away from eating chocolates, especially with kids.
Many studies prove that chocolates handle mood swings better, and a few people use them as stress busters. However, are chocolates good for your oral and overall health?
Dentists say no, the sweet chocolates does not favour the dental health.
We hear the dietician suggesting their patients to eat the food that their mind accepts and not that lures the tongue. It helps to maintain the oral and overall health with a good appetite.
How does eating chocolates affect the teeth?
Dentists say eating chocolates rarely as a treat is fun, but regular consumption will harm the oral health of children and adults as well.
Here are a few side effects caused to the teeth by eating chocolates:

  1. The chocolate might stain the teeth.
  2. The high sugars in the chocolate promote the growth of bacteria, plaque, and other gum diseases that eventually turn into cavities.
  3. Bacteria in the teeth generate acids in the teeth and harms the surface of the teeth resulting in bad breath and other oral issues.
  4. The sugars in the chocolate weaken the enamel of the teeth and cause permanent damage to the teeth.

If you observe the above oral issues, get them treated in the initial stages, or the teeth will get damaged, you will lose your dental health, and gradually, it affects the overall health.
Did you hear anybody suggesting or talking in favour of eating chocolates?
Surprising rite? But yes!! A few chocolates are healthy.
These healthy chocolates are recommended in the diet even by the dentists if you are a chocolate freak.
However, limited consumption is acceptable because anything in excess leads to both oral and overall health issues.
Here are a few healthy chocolates that don’t cause oral issues and ill health.

  1. Dark chocolate is the favourite of dentists:

Dark chocolate is the best from other chocolates and one of the dentist’s preference.
This chocolate is dark in colour as it consists of 30% of milk and sugar and 70% of cocoa powder.
Since this chocolate has minimum sugar levels, it is healthy for the teeth.
The polyphenols in the chocolate help to fight against the growth of bacteria or any harmful organisms that cause oral issues.
Flavonoids break down the tooth decay as it limits the activity of bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Chocolate liqueur:

There are various stages to form chocolate, and chocolate liqueur is the initial stage in the formation of the chocolate.
People tend to misinterpret this chocolate by its name and doubt if it has alcohol mixed in it. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with alcohol or liquor.
Chocolate liqueur implies the liquid state of the chocolate in the initial stages.
It has minimal sugar levels and not harmful to dental health.

  1. Unsweetened chocolate:

A bar of delicious chocolate is the mix of sugar and other sweetening agents that harms the dental health of kids or adults.
Pure chocolate extracted from the liqueur of the same substance when formed into solids does not have sweet in it and tastes bitter.
These chocolates do not harm your dental health, whereas, sweet chocolates are the inclusion of loads of sugars and milk solids, that enhance the acidic nature of the teeth and does not control the growth of bacteria and other harmful dental issues like cavities or periodontitis.
It is a known fact that our beautiful smile originates at home with a strict diet and proper oral care.
To always keep yours and your children’s smile shining and healthy, dentists suggest moderating the consumption of chocolates.
If your kids are too stubborn about eating chocolates, try to avoid the sweet chocolates and give them healthy chocolates to eat and insist on your friends and relatives to follow the same.
If you bow to your children’s demand and allow them to eat the sweet chocolates, it may bring a smile on their faces and make them happy at that moment but, eventually, their teeth become fragile or weak.
Their teeth will not be able to fight the bacteria in the mouth resulting in oral diseases in the future, which affects their social life and visual appearance.
Smile with healthy, white, and shining teeth!!!