How are missing teeth replaced?
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29 March 2022

How are missing teeth replaced?

It is imperative to take care of your teeth. Maintaining proper dental health is critical for showing off a stunning smile and maintaining a healthy body. We are also facing some dental issues, such as missing teeth. When a tooth is missing or you have several missing teeth you may have difficulty eating and speaking. 

About 92 per cent of adults over the age of 20 suffer from tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association. Furthermore, there are a considerable number of people who have missing teeth. Dental advancements have enabled several dental solutions to be developed in the modern era. 


Getting a dental implant  


The replacement of teeth is widespread and accessible. A dental implant uses a crown and artificial root to create a tooth that looks like its natural counterpart. If you have an implant with a crown attached, it looks like a natural tooth. Basically, implants are metal posts that replace your tooth’s roots. Dental implants provide numerous benefits.  

Dental implants are an effective way to replace a missing tooth because of their durability. By replacing a missing tooth’s root, a dental implant prevents the bone from breaking down. The durability of dental implants is longer despite their higher cost compared to other tooth replacement options. If you consider the long-term benefits of this dental procedure, they become more cost-effective.  


Temporary dental prosthetics 


In between dental implants or other more permanent solutions, a temporary solution is often used as a temporary solution to replace a missing tooth. Temporary tooth replacement options range from dentures to dentures to full-blown implants. A removable flipper is a good choice.  

With this approach, a removable retainer snaps onto a prosthetic tooth. The removable retainer makes the smile look full and natural. The removable retainers frequently serve to replace missing teeth in the front.  


Implant-Supported bridges 


An individual can replace two or more missing teeth with a bridge implant in one step. Typically, a bridge spans a few adjacent teeth to cover a missing tooth. A bridge can only be attached to something that can function as an abutment tooth.  

A multiple-tooth implant-supported bridge is a great solution for missing teeth. Dental implants support bridges. These bridges have several benefits, including being a lower cost option when you have multiple missing teeth, looking and feeling natural, and being very effective. 


A bridge with teeth 


There is still a possibility of having a dental bridge if you have not many missing teeth. The replacement of missing teeth is easy with a bridge attached to your existing teeth rather than a metal post. In addition, no oral surgery is necessary, which makes it a less expensive procedure.  

You may damage other teeth as a result of this method. It is imperative that you have your dental bridge fitted correctly to your teeth. Patients may also find dental bridges more challenging to clean. 


A partial denture 


An alternative solution for tooth replacement may be a removable partial denture if you do not have many missing teeth. They function as a simple replacement for missing teeth, as opposed to full dentures. 

Dentures attached to partials are clasped into place to ensure they stay in the right place but can still be removed. Such options are ideal for many reasons. The procedure is initially one of the most affordable ways to replace a missing tooth. This process is less expensive and time-consuming than undergoing oral surgery and implanting a dental implant.  

After getting all the knowledge about missing tooth replacement you will surely need to know what is right to have surgery on a missing tooth. Here we will share one thing with you missing tooth replacement is essential because the empty place may cause disease and infections in future.  


Why should you replace a missing tooth?  


You should replace your missing teeth as soon as possible regardless of the extent of your missing teeth. Without replacing it, you will experience dental issues in the future. The teeth you’re remaining might shift, causing gaps and bite issues. A missing tooth can also damage your bone structure and lower jaw structure. 

If you go too long without replacing your missing tooth, it can lead to many other costly problems to prevent these issues. You have to consult with your dentist to find a tooth replacement for you. Surely, they will help with a better alternative.  



To get the missing tooth replacement you need a reliable dentist nearby you. Taking care of your oral health is vital because the negligence of taking care of dental issues may cause you bigger problems in future. So, in the end, we recommend you do not wait for long if you have a missing tooth problem or another dental issue.