Five Oral Hygiene Mistakes Women Make – Elite Dental Care Tracy


14 July 2020

Five Oral Hygiene Mistakes Women Make – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Women are the one who maintains hygiene at home. They take care of the whole family and also go to work.
Though they follow all the safety measures that are important to stay healthy, they get surprised when suddenly the gums bleed, or a tooth decay pops up, and their teeth show up the symptoms of pain, or a swelling.
It happens mostly in women.
They wonder, despite maintaining oral hygiene, how can their teeth get damaged or need to get repaired?
Ladies!!! Do you want to know the reason behind this sudden surprise of teeth pain?
It is because you overlook or skip certain things out of negligence or ignorance that are unnoticeable but important for oral hygiene.

Let me drive you through the top five common oral hygiene mistakes that lead you to bad oral health.

  1. Brush thoroughly:

Generally, women are always in a hurry in the mornings due to their house chore responsibilities. They finish brushing in a fraction of seconds and skip flossing, which is not permissible.
As per the Indian Dental Association, you have to brush slowly and gently for 2 minutes twice a day.
Brushing back and front harshly would damage your enamel and welcomes the dental complications.

  1. Tongue scraping:

Do not skip the tongue scraping every day. It cleans up the taste buds and removes the dirt or acidic part of the saliva.
Saliva is the primary protector that safeguards our teeth from bacteria, inflammation, etc.
Tongue scraping improves or activates digestion.

  1. Stop flossing the gums with blood:

We at our hospital Elite Dental Care, Tracy, come across patients who stop flossing because they see blood in their gums.
As an experienced doctor, I say, when you observe blood in your gums, do more flossing.
Bleeding in the gums is due to poor oral hygiene.
It is the body’s way of repairing the damage to get rid of infection when we neglect it. So, floss more, but if you experience pain or abnormal bleeding, quickly consult your dentist for treatment.

  1. Floss picks:

We have traditional ways for flossing out teeth, do not use floss picks for flossing, which indeed is harmful to oral hygiene.
It is better not to floss if you are using floss picks to clean your teeth.
When we floss using floss picks, we use it to clean the teeth in up and down or vice versa motion, this pokes the root surface of the teeth and results in bleeding or damages the roots of the teeth.
The major damage is, there is a chance of reusing the toothpicks by multiple persons, which spreads the bacteria and other dental issues.

  1. Emergency dental visits:

We know that women takes care of the whole family and but when it is their turn, they neglect their health in all aspects and visit the doctor only in case of emergencies, which is not advisable.
Regular dental visits will keep your dental health up to the mark, and you will not have to face any dental issues as a sudden surprise.
Women!! Do not let any medical issue become a complication. Treat them in the initial stages, or you will have to suffer and pay double later.

An old axiom says, “Women’s health needs to be front and centre – it often isn’t, but it needs to be.”
For all the women out there, as an experienced doctor, I would like to suggest to keep yourself fit and healthy.
If you observe any changes in your oral or physical health, consult your doctor immediately for suggestions or treatment.
Schedule regular dental visits for oral hygiene.
We believe – Women are strong multitaskers that inspire everybody.
Women!! do not neglect your oral and overall health and be strong like always!!!