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4 November 2021


The best ornament you can wear and the most expensive luxury you own is your smile. Your smile is the one that drives people towards you and spreads positivity around. When a smile could be so powerful, how can you afford not to express it? Yet people shy away from smiling owing to dental imperfections like misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, chipped teeth, etc. Even minor dental defects sabotage the aesthetic value of your smile and lower your self-esteem. To correct these defects and preserve the aesthetic value of your smile, cosmetic dentistry comes to aid. However, misconceptions are prevailing among people regarding cosmetic dentistry that refrain them from correcting their dental defects. Here we try to debunk the common cosmetic dentistry myths with facts. 


Myth 1: Cosmetic Dentistry damages the Teeth 

There are several advertisements regarding teeth whitening gels, toothpaste and there are plenty of home remedies available as well. People blindly opt for any of these procedures without proper research whether it is safe or not, and then blame cosmetic dentistry to be unsafe.  


Fact: Cosmetic Dentistry enhances the look and feel of your teeth rather than damaging them. If your teeth suffer, it is because you had tried the wrong procedure. Visit a dentist for the right cosmetic dentistry procedures that add a charm to your smile. 


Myth 2: Cosmetic Dentistry is Expensive 

Another reason why people try XYZ remedies at home without proper research is they believe cosmetic dentistry procedures are expensive. It is a mentality of people not to spend much on dental health, failing to recognize its importance. 


Fact: Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are restorative that preserve your dental health. These procedures might look expensive to you but there are insurance plans that cover these costs and help you from burning holes in your pockets. 


Myth 3: You lose your Natural Smile 

You might have heard people advise you that do not to go for cosmetic dentistry procedures as it will strip the genuine look of your smile. The chip at the corner of your teeth, the gap between two teeth, etc., are something that brings uniqueness to your smile and hence does not correct them. 


Fact: Those are not the unique characters of your smile but the common defects that most people have. Assume you have a huge pimple on your face, will you leave it as such considering it to be a unique mark on your face? The same is with dental defects. 


Myth 4: Cosmetic Dentistry is optional & only for looks 

Hearing the term cosmetic dentistry, people believe that these procedures only involve rendering bleach-white smiles and fake brightness to the oral cavity. There is a myth that cosmetic dentistry is optional, and your dental health will be least affected if you do not go for these procedures. 


Fact: Imagine you have stained teeth, and believing the above myth, you do not go for the cosmetic dentistry procedures to remove the stains. The stains on your teeth will weaken the enamel, and chipped enamel paves the path for cavities that decay the tooth. If you had removed the stains, the enamel could get protected, and so the tooth. Thus cosmetic dentistry is a restorative and not a selective procedure.  


There are many more myths regarding dentistry, but you must try to find the fact behind them rather than blindly believing what someone preaches. Visit dental care for your dental checkup routines to assess and preserve dental health, have a conversation with the dentist on how your dental health can be enhanced and then decide on whether cosmetic dentistry is something you should go for or not. Visit our dental clinic The Elite Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Tracy, California for your cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your dental health.