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10 August 2019

Dental Implant And How Crucial Replacing Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Dental implants brings back our confident smile which is the best makeup anybody can wear.
I can say Dental implants are one of the evidences which represents the technology advancements. In this process artificial tooth root is placed in the jaw bone, which gradually fuses with the jaw bone and merges with the natural teeth.
This process is called “Osseointegration”. It is quiet a risky process where the doctors should consider and ensure that the patient is in good health conditions before the surgery.
Some important insights on dental implants:
Dental Implant
A dental implant is a surgical instrument made up titanium post (materials like titanium which is easily compatible with the jaw bone and post is cemented in to the root canal).
These implants are used to fix the missing teeth that substitutes and looks familiar to natural teeth and also used to remove the unwanted teeth.

Dental Implant

Dental Implant

There are three types of Dental Implants:
1.Endosteal Implants:
These are the most common implants that are suitable to maximum people.
These are shaped like screws, and are fixed into the place initially, where the artificial tooth has to be placed into.
After the procedure is completed it requires some time to heal and merge with the surrounding teeth. Once it is healed the tooth is placed into the post, fitting with the existing teeth.
2.Subperiosteal Implants:
This is an alternative procedure to Endosteal Implantation process.
People who do not want to go through a complicated oral surgery or disturb their jaw bone can opt for this procedure.
Unlike Endosteal process, this process rests above the bone but still it is under the gum.
A metal frame is placed with a post attached to it, gum takes time to heal around the frame to hold it in place and then the artificial teeth is placed and secured between the poles that comes from the gum.
Endosteal Implants & Subperiosteal Implants

Endosteal Implants & Subperiosteal Implants

3.Zygomatic Implants:
This Implant a very rarely opted, Here the implant is placed in the cheek bone.
This implant is opted only when there is no presence of the jaw bone.
Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants

How Crucial replacing the teeth:
We know the quote that says,“ A smile is a strong weapon that solves many problems” and brings back peace and confidence in people.
Appearance is very important to anybody to present themselves in front of the crowd under any circumstances.
In such cases, if a person has a missing teeth he cannot be very confident in crowd even to talk or smile, to bring back the confidence in such people it is important to replace the missing teeth.
One tooth loss shrinks the jawbone and dwindles the gum and hence it starts weakening the neighboring teeth and results in loss of more teeth and this might lead to loss of all teeth which is really dangerous to a human being.
Effects Digestion:
Once if we start loosing our tooth, we do not have the freedom to eat our favorite food.
The secret of good digestion is chewing the food thoroughly and we all know that food we intake plays a vital role for healthy body.
If we have a missing tooth we cannot chew the food properly and hence we have to compromise and opt for soft food.
Thus opting for soft food cannot guarantee all the nutritional values as a result it weakens the body.
If we have a missing tooth and it is not been replaced we cannot eat out favorite food and enjoy the food satisfactorily.
Oral Hygiene:
If there is one missing tooth and it is not replaced there are more chances of other tooth being damaged along with the roots.
While chewing the food, particles of the food go and settle in the empty space of the missing tooth and these particles turn into cavities, Gingivitis, or cause inflammation of tooth which starts effecting the other teeth along with the roots.
Tooth loss affects our speaking ability. We know that we can speak properly or pronounce the words that we utter only when our teeth, tongue and lips are in sync.
There are certain words that are pronounced properly only with the help of teeth, if there is a tooth loss it disturbs the pattern of speech and then people cannot pronounce certain words properly, which kills their confidence and ability to speak in the crowds.
Stimulates the Growth:
If the abnormalities in the teeth are neglected it leads to Periodontal diseases which attacks the tissues and ligaments of the gums which are the foundation for the teeth.
By replacing the missed teeth it stimulates the Jaw bone growth and protects the tooth roots.
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