28 November 2020


Times change so does technology. Decades back, who had even imagined that the technology would be as developed as it is today? And this is not the limit. Technology is growing every day at a rapid pace.

Technology has grown, and so, is the use of technology in the medical field. Gone are the days when the surgeries used to painful and the recovery took months. In today’s world, there are surgeries and treatments for most ailments, and life has become much more comfortable.

The dental world is no different from this. If you find out about dental ailments and their treatments a few years back, you’ll be surprised. People used to be afraid to get dental surgery done. And that was quite obvious!

The technology was not as developed as today, and hence the treatments demanded time, money and our patience. Can you imagine getting a root canal done as casually as you get it done today? Probably, no!

Speaking about the technologies, what is the new technology used in the dental world?

A laser-based treatment procedure. Right?

Laser expands to Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It emits light energy in a narrow and focused beam to accurately target the concerned area.

How are Lasers used in Dentistry?

There are two different ways in which the laser is used: one is for hard tissues and the other for soft tissues.

Lasers are used in dentistry to cut the teeth for reshaping it; detecting cavities, treatment of tooth sensitivities, removing tooth decay, whiten the teeth, treating tooth sensitivity, root canal, removal of oral tumors, regenerating damaged nerves, gum reshaping, and treating gum diseases.

What is the advantage of using Lasers?

  • The first thing that horrified the patients in the past were the heavy pieces of equipment used for dentistry like the dental drills. Using laser eliminates the need for those devices, and as a result, the fear of the patients is nullified. This, in turn, ensures that the blood pressure of the patient is normal while the surgery.
  • Lasers have good precision, and hence they target only the concerned area without disturbing the neighboring area. In dentistry, it is very crucial to have accurate precision for instance if a decayed tooth is being removed, and if the neighbor one gets disturbed, it may lead to issues.
  • Also, the nerves in the teeth, are interconnected to the brain and ears. Hence utmost care is necessary while dealing with dental surgeries. So lasers with good precision can be effective.
  • People were afraid of dental surgeries in the past due to the pain incurred in it. Toothache leads to headache and earache as well. So it’s like even a slight carelessness while treating a tooth can offer headache and earache too. Lasers offer painless or comparatively less pain incurred treatment procedure and hence a good choice.
  • A limited dosage of anesthesia is sufficient as lasers don’t incur much pain.
  • Bleeding is limited during laser surgeries.
  • The laser sterilizes the infected area, removing the risk of infections.
  • Laser dentistry is safe for people of all ages.
  • Laser treatment is quick, cost-effective and comfortable.

Lasers are a good innovation in the field of dentistry owing to the advantages that it offers. Visit Elite Dental Care to get your dental ailments cured with the latest technology and efficient service.