What Do You Do When Your Gums Are Bleeding – Elite Dental Care Tracy


24 June 2020

What Do You Do When Your Gums Are Bleeding – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Oral health is essential for our psychological, overall health, and social life. The quality of our life depends on our oral health.
Good oral health gives you a gorgeous smile and instills confidence in you to present yourself in the crowds with elegance.
People with white teeth and a beautiful smile have peace in life.
Every individual needs to have oral health awareness and follow the guidelines for oral hygiene to escape oral diseases.

Poor oral hygiene always shows off through symptoms. The first and foremost symptom of poor oral hygiene is bleeding gums.
Gums bleed while brushing, or while biting foods like fruits, or solid substances.
Frequent gums bleeding may also be the symptoms for dreadful oral diseases like:

  1. Periodontitis: Advanced stage of gum disease
  2. Leukaemia: Blood cancer
  3. lack of platelets
  4. Vitamin deficiency
  5. Weak gums, etc.

The above diseases cause if the bleeding gums are untreated in the initial stage.

Do you want to know what to do if your gums are bleeding?
Read through:
Here are the top 7 tips you can follow to treat the bleeding gums:
First and foremost point on the top priority in the list is

  1. Oral hygiene:

Practice brushing and flossing regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, inflammation, or cavities. These accumulations lead to irritation in gums that results in gum diseases.
The untreated gum diseases lead to further complications.
Brush twice a day and floss regularly to keep a dentist and oral diseases away.

  1. Schedule dental visits:

If you observe bleeding in the gums or any changes in the teeth, immediately visit your dentist and get the treatment in the initial stages to avoid complications and surgeries.
Do not miss the scheduled dental visits, as the dentist will clean your teeth with professional products and equipment. It enhances oral hygiene and keeps away the dental issues from your life.

  1. Healthy diet:

Diet plays a vital role in keeping up the oral health. Your gums’ health implies your diet.
Intake vitamin c and k in sufficient amounts. Deficiency in these vitamins weakens the gums and causes gums bleeding and diseases quickly.
Reduce the intake of sugars, carbohydrates, sticky, coloured, junk foods, etc. that excretes acids and hurts the gums, leading to gum diseases.
It doesn’t mean you have to ban these foods completely, instead schedule and follow a diet.
Cleanse your tooth thoroughly after you intake the junk and sweeteners, flush it off thoroughly from your teeth.
Consume calcium-rich foods and sufficient fluoride level for oral health.
Healthy diet results in healthy teeth.

  1. Quit bad habits and reduce stress levels:

Bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol damages the gums initially and then deteriorates the health of the dentition.
Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, etc. that causes acidic reactions and damages the health of your teeth.
Stress is the biggest enemy of your oral health.
Increased stress levels weaken your immune system, and the body defence system to an extent where it cannot fight with the bacteria and the gum infection resulting in bleeding gums.

  1. Oil pulling:

Practice oil pulling, which is the best ayurvedic practice. A swish of specific oils in the mouth for 20 mins or more.
It cleans up the teeth from the corners and flushes away the dirt and whitens the teeth, and thus, improves oral health.

  1. Toothbrush and fluoride-rich products:

The protective layer enamel and the gums are sensitive, try to use soft bristles brush. Harsh bristles would hurt the gums and causes bleeding.
An electronic brush is an advancement that is not harsh on the gums and flushes off the bacteria.
Fluoride-rich products:
Use fluoride-rich toothpaste and mouthwashes, or use the products recommended by your dentist.

  1. Intake liquids:

Do not let your mouth dry. Intake a lot of liquids like juices, warm green tea, lemon tea, etc.
Liquids help in cleaning up the accumulated bacteria, cavities, plaque, etc. in the teeth.
Dryness leads to oral diseases.
Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, this reduces the scope of oral diseases, and flushes away the hidden bacteria from your teeth.

These are a few best tips you can follow to avoid the bleeding gums and maintain oral hygiene.
The best thing we can do is; put back the laziness and practice these dental tips in our routine as a tradition, and you don’t have to take extra care for oral hygiene.
Apart from these dental tips, many home remedies contribute to oral hygiene and cure the oral diseases provided they are in the initial stage.
These tips do not need extra hard work to follow. It is just that we need to consider them seriously for our care, and it is all worth it !!!!!
Our kids certainly learn from us, so if you follow the oral care instructions, your kids will look up to you and learn to take care of their tiny teeth, and their teeth will be strong when they grow old, and the tradition of oral hygiene continues to all the generations.
Take good oral care to own an extraordinary smile!!!!