How to Care for Dentures – Elite Dental Care Tracy


1 December 2019

How to Care for Dentures – Elite Dental Care Tracy

How to care for dentures:
Oral hygiene should become a practice in daily life in people for both natural teeth or the implanted dentures. There is a popular saying “Brush your teeth everyday, To keep a dentist away”.
Follow these simple care instructions and limit your dental visits.
Dentures are the temporary prosthetic devices used to replace the missing teeth in the mouth. They are of two types complete and partial dentures.
Complete dentures is a complete artificial teeth set and used When all the teeth are missing in the mouth.
Partial Dentures are used when some natural teeth remain in the mouth.
These are placed either above or below the gum line.
As a dental doctor I feel, It is the responsibility of every dental doctor to enlighten their patients about the after care instructions.
Care for Dentures:
Clean Dentures carefully:
Take out the dentures carefully with out bending, loosening the attachments or breaking the ends attached to each other.
Cleanse perfectly:
Take out the dentures put them under low pressure running water and make sure all the left out food particles or any other unwanted loose particles are removed.
Place any soft towel or fill the sink with water to avoid breaking of dentures if they fall off suddenly.
Refresh your mouth:
One you remove the dentures use soft bristles brush to brush your tongue, natural teeth, roof of your mouth(palate).
Brush very softly on the gums and use a fluoride rich mouth freshener to refresh your mouth and let your teeth breathe.
Brush twice daily:
Try to Brush your dentures two times per day to remove any unwanted particles hidden in the small tiny gaps.
Dentures storage:
Soak the dentures in cold water or solutions that are specially made to soak the dentures.
Do not let the dentures dry completely as they shape out.
Seek advice from your dentist on how to store the dentures properly and strictly follow the instructions to avoid any complexities
Putting back the Dentures:
Rinse your mouth thoroughly before putting back the dentures, do not goggle with denture cleaning solutions that might cause sickness like vomiting, burning sensation, pain etc as it is made up of chemicals.
Time limitations:
These dentures stay closely connected with the tissues in the mouth so while removing or putting on the dentures we should be very careful.
These tissues need to rest at least for 8 hours so do not put on the dentures over night.
Store the dentures in cold water or dentures soaking solution.
Follow the instructions for soaking specified by your doctor or the manufacturer of the soaking solution.
Dental visits:
Do not skip the dental visits as the doctors professionally clean the dentures which removes all the unwanted hidden particles, also the doctors will check for the fitting and the health of dentures.
Bleach products:
Some people clean their dentures with bleach solutions which is really not recommended.
These bleach products weakens and changes the color of the dentures.
Professional Products:
Always use doctors recommended professional oral products for the long life of dentures.
Do not smoke, drink any liquids or intake any food with extreme temperature.
Prefer soft foods and that are not sticky.
These are some key care instructions that has to be followed by everybody for healthy dentures and keep up their beautiful smile which is the most beautiful thing in life.