How to Take Care of Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction – Elite Dental Care Tracy


13 January 2020

How to Take Care of Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Care Instructions for your mouth after Tooth Extraction:

Have you been told by your dentist to get your tooth extracted? do not panic or get depressed, there are several ways to get back your extracted tooth/teeth by various means gifted by the trending technology.

If you want to bring back your extracted tooth, you have to follow the aftercare instructions very carefully so that you can implant some artificial tooth in the place of the extracted tooth and have a flawless smile.
Tooth Extraction:
Tooth extraction is removal of tooth or teeth completely due to various reasons ranging from tooth decay to crowded tooth.

After getting the tooth extracted, following certain aftercare instructions are really essential from the first day of the process which helps us feel relieved and heal faster.

After care instructions vary depending upon different factors. Some tooth that get extracted have deep roots and take long time to heal.

We dentist recommend these aftercare instructions to patients who have undergone tooth extraction:

For first couple of days:

  1. One of the important after care instruction is allowing and maintaining the blood clots well that form as a substitute of tooth in the slots of the removed tooth.
  2. If the bleeding is normal and lasts for 24 hours after extraction then it is a routine process, but if the bleeding does not stop after specified time then there is a need to see your dentist.
  3. Avoid rinsing:

Do not rinse, goggle or swish in the initial days which prevents formation of blood clots in the gaps of the extracted tooth and delay healing.

  1. Rest:

Take rest for the whole day on the day of extraction as physical stress might increase bleeding and results in swelling.

  1. Usage of Gauze:

As soon as the procedure is over, leave the gauze in the mouth for couple of hours which allows the clot to form, after the formation of clots keep changing the gauze whenever it is necessary.

  1. Straws usage:
  2. Do not use straws as they exert more pressure on the wound which might disturb the blood clots.
  3. Limit habits:

Avoid smoking, it exerts pressure same as the straw. Do not smoke until the wound is healed completely as it disturbs the blood clot and delay healing.

  1. Medications:

It is important to take full dosage and follow strict medication as prescribed by the      doctor.

  1. Home remedies:

Place the ice pack on the outside area of the wound for 10 to 15 minutes, this will dull the pain.

Elevate your head using extra pillows while sleeping, which will not intrude the blood  clots that helps in rapid healing.
Once the clot is formed completely, secure it properly using the below mentioned extra care instructions.
Care instructions from third day until healing:
Food habits:
Do not eat foods that are in extreme temperatures, hard and need more chewing.
Avoid sticky foods, chips, foods containing seeds or foods that get into the gaps of the tooth.
Saline rinses:
Once the clot is positioned securely, rinse your mouth with warm water, or add pinch of salt in warm water and do gargling, this kills the bacteria or any kind of inflammation present in mouth and in between the teeth.
Clean thoroughly:
Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly in the gaps, to avoid accumulation of waste in the form of bacteria or remove the retained unwanted particles from the tooth.

Multiple Tooth Extraction:
If your doctor recommends multiple tooth extraction from multiple places in your mouth it is really hard to take care.
We Doctors suggest multiple visits to our patients so that they are under our supervision and we can monitor the healing status.

If you have tooth extraction, then it is necessary for you to follow the aftercare instructions strictly recommended by the dentists to avoid further complications which lead to complicated surgeries.