Dental Phobia | Overcoming Fear of The Dentist – Elite Dental Care Tracy


24 August 2019

Dental Phobia | Overcoming Fear of The Dentist – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Dental Phobia:
Dental Phobia is a very common state of mind in all the ages of people.
I am a dental doctor, Dr.Singh from Tracy and I work for The Elite Dental Care. We have conducted a survey for insights on Dental Phobia in all ages of people and as a result we found 9% to 15% of Americans that is 30 to 40 million people do not visit dentists out of fear which is called Dental Phobia.
In a survey conduced by British Dental Health Foundation it was found that 36% of people do not see Dental doctors out of fear.

What is this Dental Phobia?
People panic to visit their Dentist due to their traumatic previous experiences.
Dental Phobia can be termed as strong negative thoughts that people develop towards any particular treatments, objects or anything.
If they have witnessed their relatives, friends or neighbors go through pain after undergoing some dental procedures they get terrified.
They believe that something painful and dreadful is going to happen to them after the dental procedures.
Phobia might spread through Word of mouth from other people.
Generally, it is believed that if once they go to the dentist then its a life long procedure that has to be followed up in scheduled intervals

Dental anxiety and phobia are two different things.
Dental anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness on what and how it is going to happen during appointments, people panic a lot in such circumstances.
Dental Phobia in people creates intense fear on the dental procedures and it is a very serious condition where people faint, get fever, have vomit sensation out of anxiousness.

Dental Phobia is identified into four types:
1.Fear of catastrophe: Feeling of fainting, vomiting, increases heart rate, fear etc.
2.Anxiety: Nervousness and excitement on what will happen next.
3.Lack of Trust: Lack of trust on dentist or fear about what the dentist is going to do.
4.General Phobia: Fear of dental procedures.

How to overcome Dental Phobia?

  • Dental Phobia is also called as Dentophobia.
  • Tell the doctor about the nervousness or phobia you are undergoing before the procedure starts.
  • To overcome the fear in the first visit, you should be accompanied by a person who is close and the most trustworthy to you.
  • In order to overcome Dentophobia in our patients, we doctors work with Psychiatrists and give counselling to our patients and change their perception on Dental procedures.
  • By performing some behavioral techniques like deep breathing in and out.
  • Applying relaxation techniques and thinking positive about the Dental procedures, doctors and hospitals.
  • Doctors explain the procedures to the patients in a calm, peaceful way and solace them.
  • Boost the patient’s confidence and praise them for their braveness for having taken the forward step to visit the dental doctor.
  • Use of medications, mild sedatives like anesthesia, laughing gas to soothe the patient.
  • Doctors give anxiety medicines to patients before procedures to keep them calm.
  • Try distracting the mind from what is happening sitting on the doctor’s chair.
  • Visit the dental hospital and clarify all the doubts in mind, before you book an appointment for a dental procedure.
  • Meet the doctor and discuss all the before and after effects of the procedure and prepare yourself accordingly.

Please see your dental doctor if you have any dental phobia or dental anxiety. The dental procedures are as similar as the other surgical procedures.
Reach out your dental doctor for counselling on dental procedures if you are not able to overcome the fear.