Periodontitis and its Symptoms
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7 October 2022

Periodontitis and its Symptoms

Periodontitis is a serious gum disease that is largely a result of poor oral hygiene. This condition of the gums causes inflammation, bleeding, and also damage to the bone supporting the gums. Hence, an immediate dentist consultation is advised to treat this condition of the gums.  


What is Periodontitis? 


Periodontitis is a serious condition of gum infection. It damages the soft tissue of the gums and also the bone below the tissue. In most cases, periodontitis is a result of untreated and neglected gingivitis. This causes tooth loss and grave bone damage.  


Symptoms of Periodontitis 


Since this condition of gums is an advanced stage of gum damage, the symptoms can be slightly painful and serious. Some of the identifiable symptoms are: 


  1. Swollen and red gums: Healthy gums are generally pink in color and soft. But with periodontitis, gum swelling, and redness are common symptoms. 
  2. Pain while chewing: Since this condition causes tooth damage, chewing can be painful.  
  3. Spaces between teeth: Periodontitis damages the bone and the soft tissue. This causes loosening of the teeth and also spaces between them.
  4. This is a symptom that needs to be addressed at the earliest by a specialist.  
  5. Bad breath: This infection damages the gum tissue badly. The build up of this plaque and the infection develops a stench. Thus bad breath can also be a dental concern that needs to treated. 


Causes of Periodontitis 


Like most serious dental problems, periodontitis starts with bacterial buildup on the teeth. This film of plaque on the teeth that is caused due to poor oral hygiene is the root cause of many such dental infections. 


Here are a few of the primary causes of periodontitis. 


  1. Irregular brushing and flossing: Improper dental care can cause a lot of infections and dental problems. Brushing and the technique is largely neglected part of dental care. Dentists suggest two minutes of brushing, twice a day can reduce the chances of tooth decay and infections. Flossing needs to be done regularly to ensure better oral health.
  2.  Smoking and chewing tobacco: People who smoke and chew tobacco are at higher risk of developing infections and cavities. The stains that these products leave on the teeth are harmful and can cause the breakdown of enamel on the teeth. The removal of these stains cannot be removed easily and call for a dentist appointment.
  3. Formation of tartar on the gumline: When the plaque that gets built up on the teeth is not treated and neglected, it forms tartar on the gum line. This is way more harder to remove than plaque. It needs professional intervention, unlike plague which can be removed with proper brushing. 
  4. Neglected Gingivitis: Gingivitis is a gum condition that causes gum inflammation and bleeding. This infection, if left untreated can lead to periodontitis. It is painful and damages the bone beneath the gums.  


The above mentioned causes and symptoms of periodontitis should be taken seriously and not be neglected at any cost. All the symptoms call for immediate dentist intervention. Apart from the cure, periodontitis or any other severe dental problem can be avoided by following proper dental care with regular dentist visits.