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1 November 2021


Do you feel hesitant to smile and show your crowded or misaligned teeth in public? Do you find it uncomfortable to chew your food or speak because of the misaligned or crowded teeth? It is one of the common issues, especially among teenagers. Crowded teeth are majorly due to improper oral health during childhood or improper development of the wisdom teeth. Whatever might be the cause, but crowded teeth cause bite problems and are uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. And something way more difficult is the use of metal braces to correct the alignment of teeth. Those metal brackets keep hurting the tongue and the gums and make things highly uncomfortable. However, a modern-day solution to this is the introduction of Invisalign aligners. Here is a quick guide on how Invisalign aligners can reinvent your smile. 




Invisalign is a type of modern-day orthodontic cosmetic dentistry treatment to enhance your smile. The procedure involves placing clear plastic aligner trays on the teeth for at least 20 hours a day. These trays gradually move the teeth to correct the misalignment and the bite problems. These plastic trays are comparatively invisible and hence do not give a shabby appearance to your smile such as the traditional metal retainers do. Also, these aligners are easily removable, thus you can remove them and clean your teeth and also floss them. Thus these invisible Invisalign aligners enable oral hygiene maintenance and beautify your smile. 




Invisalign aligners are used to correct the following dental defects. 

  • Crowded teeth 
  • Misaligned teeth 
  • Underbite 
  • Overbite 
  • Cross-bite 
  • Open bite 


We first record the impressions of your teeth with a 3D image of your teeth and then work out how to map movements of the teeth that will enhance your smile. Based on the 3D impressions and images, the aligner trays are created in the Invisalign laboratories. The treatment takes around 12-14 months to show the desired results. 




There are several options available in the market like the traditional metal braces, then why should you go for Invisalign retainers? It is because of the exclusive benefits it offers as follows. 


1.Invisalign aligners do not have wires or brackets that affect the aesthetic value of your smile.  

2.These aligners are almost invisible that, in turn, feel like natural teeth. 

3.The absence of wires and brackets prevents the hurting of the tongue and gums that the traditional braces would offer. 

4.Also, when there are no wires, the dental visits are quite normal and do not take much time as with the traditional method of tightening the wires and brackets.  

5.You can remove these aligners to brush and floss your teeth and also clean the aligners. 

6.Helps maintain good oral hygiene that prevents plaque formation and bacterial infection. 

7.These aligners are highly comfortable and proven to provide great results within a year. 


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