Top Ten Tips for Dental Hygiene – Elite Dental Care Tracy


4 April 2020

Top Ten Tips for Dental Hygiene – Elite Dental Care Tracy

A healthy smile is the greatest asset anybody can have, and health smile comes from a healthy white tooth.

Oral health is as important as physical health and is vital for a healthy human body. Perhaps, many other health issues are in link with oral health.

Many people, due to phobia or not knowing the importance of oral hygiene, do not consider oral issues, and neglect the symptoms of oral problems, until damage and repent the circumstances.

Here are some tips for dental hygiene that keep us away from dental problems and helps us with oral care.

Brush and floss:

Brush twice a day, floss, and clean your teeth regularly to keep a dentist away, this removes the settled plaque, bacteria, or food debris stuck in the teeth, as these are the main contributors to dental problems.

Therefore, fight the cavities by brushing twice a day and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Dental check-ups:

Schedule regular dental check-ups with once in three or six months, to professionally clean or check the oral health.

Dental check-ups will help us predict dental problems and treat them in the initial stages.
Avoid bad habits:

Avoid smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, sugary foods, fibre foods. These foods will change the colour and cause damage to our teeth.

We should quit the habits of licking our thumb, tongue thrusting, bruxism, etc.

Consult your dentist to control or treat these habits.

Eat healthily:

Choose a healthy diet, and feed your body with proper minerals and vitamins to stay fit and healthy.

Fluoride, calcium, cheese, yogurt, tofu, soy drinks, green vegetables, fish, proteins in eggs, nuts, beans, etc. are healthy for teeth.

Use professional products:

Use soft bristles brush, and do not brush hard it will harm your enamel.

The electronic brush is an invention for healthy teeth, use fluoride-rich mouthwashes, toothpaste, products used for cleaning and flossing the teeth suggested by your dentist.

Dental treatments:

Never delay your dental treatment. In case you slight pain in your dentition, immediately see your dentist and get the treatment for your teeth, this cleans up the bacteria, plaque, and inflammation in the teeth.

Liquids consumption:

Doctors recommend drinking excess water for oral and physical health.

Drink green tea and gargle with warm water, this flushes out the bacteria, food debris from the teeth.

Avoid junk and acidic foods:

Do not eat acidic, sugary, coloured, and junk foods.

They are harmful to the teeth and contribute to cavities.

Coloured foods change the colour of the teeth if taken more often.

These foods erode the enamel and damages the teeth.

Use Sealants:

Sealants work like magic in treating the dental cavities if diagnosed in the initial stages.

Sealants like fluoride gel, when applied on the teeth, makes it easy to clean up the bacteria, cavities settled in the teeth.


We come across many advertisements endorsing mouthwashes. We think these ads are just a fantasy and neglect using them, but mouthwashes contribute to oral health.

For kids and old persons who cannot floss or brush properly, these mouthwashes are the best medicine to maintain oral health.

These tips will help you own a gorgeous smile and maintain oral health.

Practice a routine of cleaning and flossing your teeth for oral health, and avoid seeing a dentist for any treatment.

For more tips on dental health, please contact the dental hospital Elite Dental Care, Tracy.