Clear Aligners’ Benefits Over Traditional Braces
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29 April 2022

Clear Aligners’ Benefits Over Traditional Braces

A beautiful and straightforward smile always attracts others. However, if you do not have straight teeth, you feel conscious while smiling, even when you have the slightest gaps between your teeth. As per the saying that if the way is in the way, every problem has a solution. The best solution to improve your smile is aligner braces. 

You may be wondering if transparent aligners can be used instead of metal braces.  Clear aligners may answer your orthodontic requirements if you have crooked, crowded, or repositioned teeth or teeth with the other moderate but not severe concerns.

Here are a few benefits you will have wearing the aligner braces.  


1. Convenient  

Unlike traditional braces, which limit your menu selections to items that are not hard, chewy, or brittle, transparent aligners allow you to remove them and place them in a case while eating, allowing you to eat whatever you want. 


2. Maintaining your dental hygiene 

Aside from removing the aligners when eating, another advantage of removable transparent aligners is the ability to clean your gums, teeth thoroughly, and other dental components. You can clean removable aligners individually, and you won’t have to work your toothbrush around exposed wires and brackets. 


3. It is invisible.  

The most apparent benefit of transparent aligners is that they are virtually undetectable. You are not saddled by clumsy metal cables and brackets in your mouth. Either teens or adults wearing metal braces put them into embracement because it is a one or two-week procedure.  

A large smile makes you appear trustworthy, personable, and attractive to others, which are essential qualities in the business world. Regardless of where you work, a professional look with a pleasant grin goes a long way toward creating a critical business relationship and can even help you appear more capable. If you have traditional braces, you always feel conscious and do not let yourself smile freely.  

Metal braces obstruct your ability to present yourself professionally at work. While having orthodontic treatment, clear aligners allow you to preserve your lovely smile. 


4. No risk of chronic or internal injuries. 

Malfunctioning teeth can be harmful to your dental and general health. Crooked teeth might grind against one other, causing enamel damage. Protruding teeth can also hurt the interior of your mouth, producing discomfort. Misaligned teeth can cause speech issues as well as headaches. Using aligners, you can correct your present dental troubles and safeguard your mouth from future problems. 


5. Prevent tooth color change 

White spot lesions are infrequent adverse effects that can occur after wearing metal braces for an extended period — the brackets might discolor, causing an unsightly mismatch on the teeth. Fixing this issue might be difficult since discoloration like this does not react well to typical whitening treatments. (However, if you have traditional braces, you may help prevent this problem by cleaning and flossing regularly between the brackets as your dentist has shown you, avoiding sugary foods, and eating a clean, nutritious diet.) 

As compared to metal braces, clear aligner treatment is not risky. With this treatment, these issues could not occur as you know you do not wear braces attached to your teeth. 


6.Less fossil challenges  

Those flossing teeth with metal brackets and wires may be difficult, leading to dissatisfied young patients preceding flossing entirely while wearing braces, which can lead to a slew of additional dental decay-related issues. 

On the other hand, clear aligners are removed for brushing and flossing, removing this issue and allowing flossing to continue without interruption. 


7.Abrasion of the teeth 

Abrasion-type injuries to the mouth’s interior caused by broken brackets and wires popping loose are a typical problem for many people who wear metal braces. Clear aligners eliminate this problem because there are no brackets or wires. 


8.Treatment will take less time.  

When it concerns treatment time, transparent aligners can cut treatment time in half compared to metal braces. Clear aligners may usually correct your alignment problem in as little as twelve months, but traditional metal braces might take two years to complete. 

Only your dentist can adequately counsel you and offer a treatment time estimate based on your specific needs. 


In conclusion: 

The success of clear aligners depends entirely on the patient’s participation. It’s tempting to take them out more frequently than you should because they’re so easy to remove.  

To achieve effective alignment while staying on track with your treatment plan, you should wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours each day for the length of treatment. The good news is that other than eating and brushing, you can easily maintain control of your development by just leaving them in.